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“Ultimately, the business that can spend the most to acquire a customer wins.”


“Pay attention the next time you're scrolling to what hooks grab your attention. Why did you stop? Why did you click play? What did the hook say, and how did it make you feel? Answering these questions will help you to become amazing at developing hooks.”


“'s problem wasn't a traffic or conversion problem. It rarely is. More often than not, it's a FUNNEL problem.”


“The offer doesn't always mean asking people to buy something amazing, although this is my favorite type of offer.”


“No longer would people only buy when they needed something; now advertisers had the ability to create desire and sell people stuff that they wanted.”


“The problem is you can't spend enough to acquire a customer, and the way to fix that problem is to fix your sales funnel,” I replied calmly.”


“The real power of the internet is the power of congregations.”


“One of the fundamental rules of marketing is that “a confused mind always says no.”


“If you change your bait, you'll change your customer.”


“Association of Sales Executives revealed that 81 percent of all sales happens on or after the fifth contact. If you're a small business owner and you're only doing one or two follow-ups, imagine all the business you're losing.”


“And as you'll see in the next secret, understanding the phrases that are going on inside of your customers' minds in both directions (moving away from pain or toward pleasure) will guide you to finding them.”


“Other niches inside of the marketing submarket could be marketing through e-commerce, Amazon, dropshipping, SEO, PPC (pay per click), Facebook Ads, or online courses.”


“You have life experiences and talents that others don't have that do give you an unfair advantage. By getting your process to work for others, you lose those unfair advantages and you have to adjust your process to make up for those shortcomings.”


“That is the first question you need to ask inside of the secret formula: Who is your dream customer?”


“Each of these answers is a niche within a submarket with dozens of influencers, companies, and keywords that you can target!”


“I'm a local brick-and-mortar business trying to generate local leads online, so this won't work for me.”

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