Accessibility at QuotesAnalysis

At QuotesAnalysis, we deeply value the diverse range of our users and are dedicated to ensuring that our website is accessible and user-friendly for everyone. We continually strive to improve our digital experience and adhere to the evolving standards and best practices in web accessibility.

Conformance to Web Standards

Our commitment aligns with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. We endeavor to conform to Level Double-A standards and are actively working to achieve AA level to enhance our site's usability.

Navigating Our Website

  • Skip to Content: We've provided a "Skip to Content" link for users who use screen readers or keyboard navigation, allowing for quicker access to the main content.

Text Resizing

Modern browsers offer various tools to enhance web accessibility. This includes the ability to resize text or adjust the zoom level. Below are instructions to do so:

PC / All browsers

  • Increase page zoom: Hold down the CTRL key and press +
  • Decrease page zoom: Hold down the CTRL key and press –
Mac / All browsers
  • Increase page zoom: Hold down the Command key and press +
  • Decrease page zoom: Hold down the Command key and press –

Adapting Technology for Your Needs

Different users may benefit from changing the default display settings of their devices, such as colors, fonts, or contrasts. The steps for adapting these settings vary across operating systems:

  • Windows Users: Refer to your computer's 'Help' section or check the settings panel for visual display adjustments.
  • Mac Users: Navigate to 'System Preferences' and choose 'Accessibility' for a range of options.

For detailed guidance tailored to various technologies, we recommend visiting the AbilityNet’s 'My Computer My Way' website. It offers practical advice and insights to adapt your device for a more personalized experience.

Feedback and Suggestions

We believe in the continuous improvement of our accessibility features. If you have feedback, questions, or encounter any challenges using our site, please reach out to us. Together, we can ensure that QuotesAnalysis remains a welcoming space for all.

Our Commitment to Clarity

In line with our dedication to accessibility, we strive to present our content in simple and clear language, making information easy to understand for all our visitors