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“If the populace knew with what idiocy they were ruled, they would revolt.”

The Charlemagne's quote says that if the people knew the idiocy they were being commanded, they would revolt.

Even today, the world is divided into social classes, and the ruling classes rule over the less socially important ones.

We cannot change this fact as we are inferior and commanded by the greater ones. We can, however, be aware of the problem.

Being aware of this situation means we are not totally under their control. It is like stepping out of the Matrix.

However, let us remember that we are inside the mechanism regulating the whole world. A little cog can get out of the mechanism, but it has been so perfected that it works without it. But if many little cogs are aware of the slimy mechanism and decide to get out of it, then something might happen.


“Take care that none of them escapes.”


“I am torn by great sorrow because I foresee what evil things they will do to my descendants and their subjects.”


“Let my armies be the rocks, and the trees, and the birds in the sky.”


“Let no one presume to contrive injuries or in suits against those who announce a judgment of the emperor, or to show hostility to them in any way.”


“We have been concerned to restore with diligent zeal the workshops of knowledge which...have been well night deserted.”


“To know another language is to possess a second soul.”


“Nothing of that which is gained by fraud can go to the liberation of his soul. Let his wealth be divided among the workmen of this our building, and the poorer servants of our palace.”


“Husbands should love their wives and speak no rude word to them.”


“Every monastery and every abbey shall have its school in which boys may be charges may be assessed against the pupils.”


“Do justice fairly, correctly, equitably to churches, widows, orphans and all others, without fraud, corruption, obstruction, or abusive delay.”

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