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“When it comes to human dignity, we cannot make compromises.”


“Hatred, racism, and extremism have no place in this country.”


“Controversial disputes are a part of democratic culture.”


“For me, it is always important that I go through all the possible options for a decision.”


“Here we have the Schengen agreement, and the truth is that for years we trusted each other and set border controls on the outer borders of the European Union. And as was the case with the economic and monetary union, with this step, regarding the”


“When I'm stirring a saucepan, I don't say to myself, 'Now the chancellor is stirring a saucepan.'”


“After the reunification, there was a certain sense of foreignness because daily life in the former East German states was completely turned inside out - everything from the shops to the bureaucracy to the working world.”


“We have to ensure politically that what's doable can indeed by translated into law, but what's not doable mustn't become European law. Otherwise, the auto industry will work somewhere with higher carbon emissions - and we can't want that.”


“I don't carry any early childhood trauma around with me, if that's what you're hinting at. The story of the bicycles - and there were three of them which were stolen from me - I've dealt with it well.”


“I have just explained my idea of how a constructive period of reflection, one that would send a clear message to the citizens of Europe: You should now what our priorities are. For Germany this means: Unemployment is one of one of our biggest problems.”


“We are a country based on democracy, tolerance, and openness to the world.”


“For me, personally, marriage is a man and a woman living together.”


“Germany wants peaceful coexistence of Muslims and members of other religions.”


“Let us answer the terrorists by living our values with courage.”


“Climate change knows no borders. It will not stop before the Pacific islands and the whole of the international community here has to shoulder a responsibility to bring about a sustainable development.”


“I am not an expert in this field but I do try to keep up to date with the Bundesliga. And I do follow World Cups and European Championships more closely.”


“I chose to pursue a career in physics because there the truth isn't so easily bent.”


“Whoever decides to dedicate their life to politics knows that earning money isn't the top priority.”


“The euro is our common fate, and Europe is our common future.”


“We needed 40 years to overcome East Germany. Sometimes in history, one has to be prepared for the long haul and not ask after four months if it still makes sense to keep up our demands.”


“You can much better have an influence on the debate when you sit at the bargaining table and you can give input.”


“I never felt the GDR was my home country.”


“I think that the EU with the Lisbon agenda has put the right emphasis on growth and employment.”


“During the course of 1989, more and more East Germans lost their fears of the state's repression and chicanery and went out on the streets. There was no turning back then. It is thanks to their courage the Wall was opened.”


“Sometimes I can't stop myself from buying things just because I see them - even when I don't really need them.”


“I felt really sorry for Oliver Kahn. Up to that point he had made lots of saves for the German team. Of course he could have caught the ball but it just happened. It was bad luck. In that situation, you need to be very strong psychologically to carry on.”


“Personally, I think that for example the chemical directive in its present form does too much damage to the chemical industry - especially the medium sized businesses - and will hurt our worldwide competitiveness.”


“Germany's strength lies largely in the fact that the Federal Republic is a center of industry and that it's an export nation.”


“Herr Schroder has conducted two electoral campaigns, and he is doing it again now, by not telling people what is really necessary. He keeps avoiding the difficult and uncomfortable issues, those that imply changes and therefore provoke discussions.”

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