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“No casualties, don't you dare die.”

The Levi Ackerman's quote says that shortly there should be no causality tampering with our operations or decisions.

Casualty is something that is neither intended nor planned. It is not controllable by will because it is unpredictable.

We must avoid any possible causality in our operations. We must always try to control our imminent future and avoid difficulties and adversity.

Very often, however, avoiding causality is impossible, so it is not easy. One solution to this kind of problem is to create a situation such that the risk of it is as minimal as possible.

To do this, we must be discrete, precise, and rational, but above all, we must also have as much experience as possible in the situation we want to enter.


“What you need is to be quick to act…and make tough decisions in worst-case scenarios.”


“The difference in judgement between you and me, originates from different rules derived from past experience.”


“Whether you have the body, dead is dead.”


“So, just do the best you can and choose whichever you'll regret the least.”


“Some scouts' lives are more valuable than others, only those dumb enough to acknowledge that join us.”


“The only thing we're allowed to do is believe that we won't regret the choice we made.”


“If he betrays us or goes berserk, I'll put him down without hesitation.”


“The lesson you need to learn right now, can't be taught with words...Only with action.”


“This is just my opinion, but when it comes to teaching somebody discipline…I think pain is the most effective way.”


“If you don't want to die, think.”


“It's good to see someone has the balls to go, but do not forget to do your damnedest to stay alive.”


“I choose the hell of humans killing each other over the hell of being eaten.”


“I don't know which option you should choose. I could never advise you on that.”


“The difference between your decision and ours is experience. But you don't have to rely on that.”

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