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Ernest Hemingway Quotes


“There are so many women with whom you can sleep and so few women with whom you can talk.”

The Ernest Hemingway's quote says there are many women with whom we can have brief experiences and few with whom we can establish a relationship of mutual depth and trust.

The relationship with a partner is very similar to a relationship between friends. There must be a lot of trust and respect between the two. We must select and decide with whom we would like to spend a reasonable amount of time. We also must be aware that this other person cannot ruin ourselves or what we do and think.

We must not depend on anyone but establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

Suppose we would like to have a sensual experience without too much emotion. In that case, we have to be sure not to place too much trust or feeling in the other individual because we risk showing some of our vulnerability or hurting ourselves emotionally.

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