What Rank is Eren Yeager?

By Matteo Drelli. Updated Aug 25, 2023

Picture of Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager is not only a character but a symbol of determination and courage. In the military organization of the world where Titans threaten humanity, ranks are of paramount importance. So, what exactly is Eren Yeager's rank? Let's find out!

What rank is Eren Yeager?

  • Trainee Corps: Eren starts as a member of the 104th Training Corps.
  • Scout Regiment: Upon graduation, he joins the elite Scout Regiment (Survey Corps) as a regular member.

What are Eren Yeager responsibilities and achievements?

Eren's responsibilities in the Scout Regiment include:

  • Fighting Titans
  • Exploring outside the walls
  • Discovering secrets about the Titans

His achievements are nothing short of spectacular:

  • Proved instrumental in several key battles
  • Unlocked the mysteries of his Titan powers


Eren Yeager, the unwavering hero of Attack on Titan, is a member of the Scout Regiment. Starting from the 104th Training Corps, his relentless pursuit of freedom and justice has marked him as one of the most memorable characters in anime history.