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Eren Yeager, the Character

Hajime Isayama, the creator of the manga, created Eren as a boy who was truly so afraid in the eyes of the titans. Although he was the protagonist of a shonen manga, he preferred to give him the appearance of a frightened boy rather than an impetuous and impulsive character (a stereotype of shonen manga).Isayama describes him as a child who uses his anger as motivation because of his weakness and inability to save his mother from the titans. Therefore, as far as fighting is concerned, he does not excel like his sister Mikasa or Captain Levi (even if Eren Yeager can transform into a titan).The author also said that Eren's desire to go outside the walls reflects what was a desire from his own childhood: when he was a child he lived in a rural Japanese town surrounded by mountains. One day he wished to go beyond the mountains, which reflect in the manga the walls that surrounded the town where Eren lived at the beginning of the series.Isayama was originally asked by his editor who Eren's rival was in the manga.

While he initially thought of Annie Leonhart, Isayama noted that there was no rivalry between the two and instead thought that Eren needed to overcome some obstacle to become stronger. In later chapters, by confronting Annie, Isayama wanted to give Eren more responsibility, making him suffer the death of his comrades at the hands of the traitor because of his own powerlessness. Despite initial problems in understanding Eren, Isayama noted that the character reminded him more and more of himself later on, although he still found Eren difficult to write. Speaking more about Eren's rivalries, Isayama compared him to Luke Skywalker from Star Wars, as he finds it appropriate how both characters have an inner conflict with their darker selves.In the early chapters Isayama realized Eren as a character dragged along by events, but always flanked by Mikasa and Armin, wanting them to help him.

Isayama noted that Eren's characterization was different from what fans originally observed: while he originally had as a dream to see the sea with his own eyes, Eren believed instead that all of humanity should have the right to live free outside the walls. Isayama further compared the trio of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin to high school students growing up together living their lives until graduation, thinking of the scene of the trio admiring the sea as an alternate ending to the manga.

Powers and abilities of Eren Yeager

Eren possesses considerable physical strength: even as a child he was able to take on the bullies who picked on Armin on his own. His strength grew during training in the 104th cadet squad, where he trained hard in hand-to-hand combat, and thanks to Reiner and Annie he also learned to use punches, kicks, and submission holds. At the end of training he placed fifth among the top ten recruits. Although he had little talent in the use of the Three-Dimensional Maneuver Device, through intense training he managed to acquire considerable skill with the equipment. Even so, Eren was not entirely without natural ability: while using the damaged equipment, he had managed to stay on his feet for a short time, which instructor Keith Shadis called an incredible feat.

During the battle at Trost, Eren discovers that he can transform at will into a titan with a muscular body, endowed with remarkable physical strength, agility, and endurance, but still managing to retain his human intellect. When he accesses his father's memories, Eren discovers that his own titanis the Attack Titan, the most skilled in hand-to-hand combat of the Nine Special Titans, the titan who has always fought for freedom. To transform, the boy must cause himself a wound and have a clear goal in mind.

However, the transformation requires a great deal of energy. Initially Eren had no control over his actions, even going so far as to attack Mikasa. With training, however, he was able to control his titan and, as seen during the attack on Liberius, even transform three times in a row. Possessing the power of titans, Eren is able, whether in human or transformed form, to regenerate any wound, however, transformation cannot take place unless his own wounds are first fully regenerated.After drinking from the small bottle labeled "Hardening" by Rod Reiss, Eren gains the ability to be able to harden his own body like crystal, similarly as the Female Titan had done. By focusing the hardening on his own fists, he could deliver devastating attacks, strong enough to seriously damage the Armored Titan and the Jaw Titan.

He used this ability to protect his comrades from the collapse of the Reiss' cave, close the breach in the Walls, trick Berthold and escape from Reiner's attack.However, it is during the journey with Zeke into Grisha's memories that he learns what the Attack Titan's real ability is: to be able to observe the memories not only of his predecessors, but also of his future possessors, thus being able to see the future and transcend time. Through this ability, Eren was able to influence his father Grisha to exterminate the Reiss family, and in doing so indirectly gave his younger self a vision of his own future while kissing Historia's hand.After devouring Willy Tybur's sister, Eren also acquired the powers of the Hammer Titan, as demonstrated during the Marleyans' attack on Shiganshina, when he repeatedly created spikes on which he impaled the Jaw Titan and the Armored Titan.Eren also possesses the Founder Titan, the most powerful of the Nine Titans, stolen by his father from the royal family. Since he has no royal blood, however, the Founder's powers remain dormant: he was able to use them when he touched Dina's titan Fritz (who possessed royal blood) and control all the pure titans in the area, hurling them at Dina and then at Reiner.

After convincing the progenitor Ymir to side with him, Eren fully acquired the Founder's powers: he used these powers to destroy any hardening on the island (including Annie's cocoon and Reiner's armor) and free the thousands of Colossal Titans trapped in the Walls. With the Founder's power, he communicated to all the people of Ymir his plan: to protect the island of Paradis and its people who accultured and raised him, he intends to march with the thousands of Colossal Titans over the entire world until the last life form is eliminated. However, the Founder's power, by Eren's own admission, prevents him from seeing and thinking clearly, past, present, and future being joined together: this has led the young man to influence the course of history and condemn his own mother to death to set in motion all known events. In his Founder form, his head is no longer located in the back of his head but rather inside the titan's mouth.

Personality of Eren Yeager

Eren comes across as stubborn, strong-willed, and impulsive. After Armin showed him a book describing the wonders of the outside world, he began to share his friend's curiosity about the world beyond the Walls and matured as a dream to be able to see it for himself. This led Eren to develop a dismissive attitude toward anyone who was content to live and die inside the Walls, referring to the people of the village as "fools" and comparing them to complacent cattle.He deeply admired the soldiers of the Search Corps, regarding them as heroes, and wishing to join their ranks as soon as he was eligible for enlistment, despite his mother Carla's wishes to the contrary. On the day of the appearance of the Colossal Titan, when he saw his own mother being devoured by a titan in front of his eyes, the trauma generated greater hatred than fear in the child and he vowed to exterminate all enemies of humanity.

After the coup, Eren's character softens, while still maintaining his strong determination. When he finally discovers from his father's diaries that the titans were actually humans transformed by the Marleyan government, his hatred against them seems to die out.After the four-year time jump, Eren's character shows a remarkable evolution: his impulsive and impetuous character gives way to a calmer and more detached attitude, displaying an apparent coolness toward anyone. Eren firmly believes that the right goals sometimes required unethical means. His undercover infiltration in Marley gives him a change of perspective about his enemies: after spending time as a Marleyan soldier, he came to understand that his enemies were people not unlike himself. Because of this, he empathized deeply with Reiner and the other Warriors sent to Paradis, thus letting go of his mere desire for revenge. However, he continued to prioritize his personal mission to destroy Paradis' enemies for the sake of his people, regardless of the number of lives it would cost.

Who is Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan 1

Who is Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan 1

Eren is the main protagonist of Attack on Titan. Eren is a young man, born in the Shiganshina District, located in the outermost city wall, Wall Maria. He is the son of Dr. Grisha Jaeger and former hostess Carla Jaeger. As a child he showed a heated and impulsive personality, often ending up in fights with other boys. At the age of 9, he brutally killed slave traders with his own hands to rescue Mikasa Ackerman, whose parents had been killed by criminals to sell her on the black market as a sex slave because of her Asian ancestry. The child managed to locate and stab them to death, freeing Mikasa and offering her to live with his family: as a demonstration of this emotional bond, he gave her his own red scarf, which has been worn by the girl ever since, and she became deeply attached to her adopted brother. Hence the relationship between Eren and Mikasa is born.

Bored with the monotonous life inside the Walls, one day, his best friend Armin Arlert shows him pictures from a book, depicting the outside world. This will provoke in Eren a desire to leave the Walls and to explore the world, a desire that will accompany the young man throughout his life. When one day he reveals to his parents his intention to enlist in the Survey Corps, while his mother scolds him, his father Grisha promises that when he returns from a trip to the Inner Lands, he would show him the cellar to which he had always forbidden access. On that very day, in the year 845, a Colossal Titan makes its appearance, kicking a breach in the Walls, allowing the titans to enter the city, which begins to devour as many humans as possible. Eren and Mikasa try to help their mother, trapped under a beam in the destroyed house. Mr. Hannes, a soldier and family friend, loads the children onto his shoulders and flees, while a tearful Eren watches his mother being devoured alive by a titan. As an Armored Titan breaches Wall Maria, the furious child vows to kill every titan, both to avenge his own mother and all humanity.

He later joins the 104th Recruit Training Corps, followed by Mikasa and Armin, where he makes the acquaintance of other cadets, such as Reiner Braun, Berthold Huber, Annie Leonhart, Jean Kirschtein, Marco Bodt, Connie Springer, Sasha Blouse, Christa Lens, and Ymir. Although he does not demonstrate great skills in combat or in the use of the Three-Dimensional Maneuvering Device, Eren reveals his great determination (Eren ranks as the 5th of all). Five years later the Colossal Titan reappears and reopens another breach at the Trost District.

During the bloody battle, Eren appears to die being devoured by a titan to save Armin. Shortly afterwards, however, in the monster's belly, Eren grows and transforms into a muscular 50-foot titan and begins to attack titans. When his disbelieving companions recover him unharmed, the young man is about to be executed by the army because he is considered dangerous, but thanks to the intervention of Commander Pixis he manages to close the breach with a gigantic rock. The boy then passes into the custody of Captain Levi of the Survey Corps, where, thanks to experiments by Hansie Zoe, Eren attempts to transform and discovers that to do it he must inflict a wound on himself and have a clear goal in mind.

During the 57th expedition outside the Walls, the Survey Corps is overpowered by a mysterious titan with female features, which seems to be aiming at the boy. The titan exterminates most of the soldiers, including members of Levi's squad, under the eyes of a helpless Eren. Transformed, the boy engages in a fierce struggle, from which he emerges defeated and is swallowed, except to be later rescued by Mikasa and Levi. Thanks to Armin's insights, the group discovers the identity of the Female Titan: Annie Leonhart, a companion of the protagonists during their training. Eren and his comrades start fight the Female Titan out in the inner district of Stohess and Eren and his friends manage to defeat Annie and capture the Female Titan. But she locks herself in an indestructible crystal cocoon so as not to be interrogated. Attack on Titan Season 1 ends here.

Who is Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan 2

Who is Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan 2

By now Eren starts to use his titan powers well.

After rescuing some comrades who had been surrounded by a horde of titans, Reiner Braun and Berthold Huber reveal to Eren that they are the Armored Titan and the Colossal Titan, respectively, confirming some suspicions the group had previously had, and ask Eren to follow him to their "homeland." Eren refuses and, grieved by the betrayal, uses his titan form and engages in a tough fight with the Armored One. When he is on the verge of victory, the Colossal's intervention knocks out the boy, who is kidnapped by the traitors.

The Survey Corps, led by Commander Elvin Smith, implements a rescue mission, during which Eren again encounters the titan who devoured his mother. Unable to transform because of the injuries he suffered, when the titan also kills Mr. Hannes, Eren falls into utter despondency. Mikasa heartens her brother, thanking him for saving her, always standing by her side and giving her the scarf. Eren, with renewed vigor, throws a punch at the titan, thus awakening the power of the Coordinate, which allows the boy to control the other titans, killing the creature and putting Reiner and Berthold to run away. Here ends Attack on Titan season 2

Who is Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan 3

Who is Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan 3

Some time later Eren and companions became Levi's new team. Eren and Historia are kidnapped by soldiers of the Military Police Brigade, led by Kenny the Ripper, a figure from Levi's childhood, and armed with deadly anti-personnel guns. The two are brought before Rod Reiss, who turns out to be the real king of the Walls as well as Historia's father. Eren awakens, chained and gagged in a gigant crystal cave. With Rod and Historia's touch, he relives old memories, where he sees his father inject him with a serum and turn him into a titan, only to be devoured by his son. Rod Reiss explains to his daughter how the royal family held the power of the Titan Founder, with which they could have exterminated the titans and freed humanity, but that Grisha, a man from outside the Walls and endowed with the power of the titans, stole from them and slaughtered the entire royal family.

Historia must then devour Eren to take back the power of the Founder, and the boy, grieving over this revelation, does not transform, wishing to die to free all humanity. The girl, however, decides to free Eren, while Levi's team, which has arrived at the cave, defeats Kenny's team. Rod transforms into a colossal abnormal titan, destroying the cave. To save his comrades, Eren drinks the titan serum that fell from Rod's bag and, after transforming into his titan form, gains the ability to crystallize his body, with which he protects himself and his comrades from collapse. The group then proceeds to eliminate Rod Reiss, with Historia being crowned queen of the Walls.

Two months after the coronation, the Survey Corps' mission to conquer Wall Maria begins, heading for the Shiganshina District, where, in the cellar of Eren's house, the truth about the secret of the titans and the outside world seems to be hidden. The group, however, must clash with Reiner, Berthold and the Titan Beast (or Beast Titan). After a long and bloody battle, in which Commander Elvin and Berthold perish, devoured alive by Armin to save himself, the team gains access to Eren's cellar and, from Grisha's diaries, discovers the truth: humanity outside the Walls is not extinct; across the sea there are entire nations, subservient to the belligerent Marley nation, where the people of Ymir (a race that has the ability to transform into titans and of which the people of the Walls are also a part) are enslaved and ghettoized by the other powers because of crimes perpetrated in past millennia.

Eren, reliving old memories of his father, learns how Grisha came from the ghetto of Liberius, how he joined a group of restorationists of the Eldian Empire, and how once discovered, his companions were taken to the island of Paradis (where the Walls are located) and turned into titans, including Grisha's wife, Dina Fritz (the titan who devoured Eren's mother). Grisha, however, was saved by the Owl, a spy of the Eldians, who gave him the titan now possessed by Eren, the Attack Titan (this is why the anime and manga series is called Attack On Titan, even though the translation is wrong). However, Eren also learns that whoever possesses one of the nine titans dies after 13 years because of Ymir's curse. At a meeting with the major leaders of the state and Historia, while deciding whether to reveal the contents of Grisha's diaries to the people, Eren understands that he was only able to use the Founder's power when he struck the titan of Dina Fritz, endowed with royal blood. However, the boy decides to keep the secret to himself for the sake of Historia. At the awards ceremony, when Eren kisses Historia's hand, the contact awakens Grisha's memories of when he slaughtered the Reiss family, horrifying the young man. Eren is left without speech. Eren learns the whole story now.

Six years after the Colossal Titan's attack on Shiganshina, the Survey Corps has eliminated all the titans, and the protagonists manage to reach the sea where Eren, pointing his finger toward the horizon asks if, by killing all the enemies living on the other side, they will finally be free. Here ends Attack on Titan Season 3

Who is Eren Yeager in Attack On Titan 4

Who is Eren Yeager in Attack On Titan 4

Over the next three years, Marley sends several scout ships to Paradis Island, all of which are destroyed by Eren and Armin. The crew of one of the ships reveals that it is composed of anti-Marleyan volunteers, belonging to nations defeated and oppressed by Marley and coming to help the Eldians on behalf of Zeke Jaeger, Eren's half-brother. While Armin ponders whether it is possible for Paradis and Marley to resolve their misunderstandings diplomatically, Eren denies such a possibility, since to the world at large they are demons, and reaffirms the need to have to strike the first blow to buy time. Eren later attends a meeting between Kiyomi Azumabito of the Hizuru nation and Paradis leaders to form an alliance. When Kiyomi presents Zeke's plan to use the Founder to partially unleash the "Breath of the Earth" and free the thousands of Colossal Titans imprisoned in the Walls, Eren flatly refuses, since for the plan to succeed she would have to continue the ritual for the succession of the Founding Titan over the next few centuries, starting with Historia.

About a year later, Eren secretly meets with Yelena, leader of the Volunteers, who tells him Zeke's real plan: to use the Founder's power to sterilize the Eldians so that once they disappear peacefully, they can rid the world of the titans' hatred and power. Eren then meets privately with Flock Forster, telling him that he wants to pretend to cooperate with Zeke's plan and then use the Founder to eliminate humanity that threatens the island. Eren and his companions then make a journey to the mainland on the continent of Marley. While his friends gaze in wonder at the outside world, Eren remains aloof, thinking about the future genocide he would commit. Although the boy understands that the extinction of the Eldians would cause less suffering and finally rid the world of hatred, he cannot accept such a fate. Gloomily observing that he cannot change the future, he tearfully apologizes to a young boy he had just saved. When at a hearing among Marleyan politicians they decide to direct all hatred toward the "demons of Paradis," Eren walks out of the room and disappears.

At the end of Marley's Middle East War in the year 854, Eren infiltrates the army pretending to be a wounded soldier. While in the hospital under the false name "Kruger," Eren meets Falco Grice, a young cadet for the Armored Titan, befriending the young boy, who sends some letters on his behalf. During his stay in the hospital, Eren meets his grandfather, causing him to have a nervous breakdown when he asks him if he has regrets about his family. Just before Willy Tybur's festival begins, Eren with Falco's help manages to meet Reiner after four years.

When Reiner, terrified, asks Eren why he is in Marley, he replies that he is there to accomplish what his comrade did in Shiganshina, stating that although he understood that not all who live across the sea are enemies, he had no other choice. When Willy Tybur declares war on Paradis, Eren transforms into a titan, devouring Willy and killing many of those present. The boy then confronts the Jaw Titan, possessed by Willy's sister, managing to devour the possessor and gain its powers. Flanked by his fellow Survey Corps members (summoned by letters sent by Falco) he confronts the Marleyan forces, managing to overpower them and then retreating to the airship with Zeke. On board the airship Eren is arrested for single-handedly organizing the operation and forcing his comrades to intervene to save him. During the retreat, however, cadets Gabi Braun and Falco Grice board the airship where Gabi shoots Sasha to death. The news upsets Eren, while Jean blames him for involving the Survey Corps.

When Eren visits Gabi to force her to show him the location of the Marleyans who have infiltrated the island, Pieck arrives and holds Eren at gunpoint. Eren, however, realizes that the girl has been ordered to retrieve the Founder alive, and Pieck reveals that he wants to betray Marley to join the Jeagerists. Not trusting her, Eren demands proof to prove his loyalty, and Pieck offers to reveal to him the whereabouts of his fellow infiltrators. Ascending to the roof, Eren is ambushed by Galliard's Jaw Titan, which nearly devours him. Transformed as the Marleyan airships launch an attack on Shiganshina, Eren decides to confront Reiner again. During the battle, however, Eren's titan form is severely wounded by gunfire from a cannon mounted on the Cart Titan, and the Jaegertists are exterminated by Marley's soldiers. Coming to the boy's aid is first Zeke (who escaped from Levi) and then his old comrades, freed and determined to help him.

As he is about to make contact, Eren is decapitated by a bullet from an anti-titan rifle fired by Gabi. His severed head, however, is snatched up by Zeke. Eren and Zeke awakens in the Paths, where time is frozen in an instant relative to reality. Zeke is chained to the ground and visibly aged, and the founder Ymir appears to him for the first time in the guise of a little girl. Eren reveals to his half-brother that he never intended to follow the plan for euthanasia, but only went along with it to get to the Paths. However, Zeke reveals that having royal blood it is he who controls that dimension as well as the founder Ymir herself, who has now become a servant of the royal family. After chaining his brother, Zeke states that Eren's behavior is caused by Grisha's brainwashing, promising not to abandon him. Through their contact, the two brothers begin to travel through moments of Grisha's past life. When Zeke realizes that Eren was not indoctrinated by his father, he asks his brother why he betrayed him, and Eren replies that since his birth he has always behaved this way: if someone threatened his freedom, he did not hesitate to take it from him.

When the two brothers arrive at the moment when Grisha exterminated the Reiss family, while observing the exchange between Grisha and Frieda Reiss, Eren becomes increasingly agitated and enraged at Frieda's claims. Grisha reveals the special ability of the Attack Titan, unknown even to the King of the Walls, namely being able to see the memories of its future owners, a revelation that shocks Zeke himself. But when it comes time to fight Frieda, Grisha has second thoughts, unable to kill the children present. Disappointed by his father's behavior, Eren speaks directly to him and reminds him of why he undertook his mission: to avenge his sister Faye and all the people who died unjustly because of her. In a fit of rage, Grisha transforms and kills all the Reisses present. Later, devastated by what he has done, Grisha is able to see the Zeke of the future and begs him to forgive him for what he has done to him. He also claims to know what Eren will accomplish in the future and begs his son to stop him.

Zeke takes the two back to the Paths, where Eren tells that four years earlier, when he kissed Historia's hand during the awards ceremony, he had observed his own memories of the future while scrutinizing Grisha's memoirs and that he acted these years because he was driven by that scenario. Zeke, horrified, orders Ymir to sterilize the Eldians, and in a desperate attempt to stop the foundress, Eren manages to free himself from his chains by tearing his hands apart. Embracing the progenitor and peering into her past, Eren begs her to grant him her power, with which he intends to destroy the entire world, claiming that she is neither a deity nor a slave, but a human being who can choose freely. As Zeke desperately tries to stop him, Eren asks Ymir if she was the one who led him to the Coordinate, thinking that she has waited two thousand years for his arrival. In the outside world, the organism that saved Ymir two thousand years earlier by giving her the power of titans comes out of Eren's neck by connecting to his severed head. Eren transforms into the Titan Founder, creating an immense body, and releasing the thousands of Colossal Titans within the Walls. The boy through the Paths then tells all the people of Ymir of his plan: to use the Breath of the Earth to destroy the entire world and annihilate all life outside the island.

Eren and the rest of his titans arrive at the coast of Marley where they run into the Global Alliance Fleet. However, the fleet proves ineffective against the advance of the Colossals and Eren, remembering the death of his own mother and the promise he made to himself about eliminating any enemy, begins the destruction of Marley. However, his comrades, unable to accept such genocide, decide to ally with the Warriors of Marley to stop him. So Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Connie, Hansie, a wounded Levi, Gabi, Falco (who has become the new Jaw Titan), Reiner, Pieck, a redivivivorous Annie (who has returned after her crystal cocoon was broken by the Founder's effect), and General Theo Maghat, after annihilating the Jaegerist forces and stealing the Azumabito's seaplane, head for Fort Salta, Eren's target.

As they travel, Eren summons his comrades to the Paths to talk with them. His former comrades beg him to stop, but Eren reveals his intentions; he explains that he will take all the freedom in the world so that he can obtain his own, but he promises not to deny his own comrades' freedom if they try to oppose him, stating that if neither faction retreats, confrontation will be inevitable and the Boato can only be stopped by his own death.

At Fort Salta, where the Eldians of the Liberio ghetto have gathered, several Marleyan airships are launched in a last-ditch attempt to halt Eren's advance: the bombs dropped again prove futile, and the Founder calls in Zeke's Titan Beast, which shoots down the airships. When all seems lost, the Alliance arrives and lands on Eren's immense body, discovering, however, that the Titan Beast is only an empty shell, with Zeke nowhere to be found. As his friends attempt to reach the back of his head to destroy it, Eren and Ymir begin generating countless versions of the Nine Titans of the past to fight them. After a long and grueling battle, Rivaille succeeds in decapitating Zeke, thus stopping the march of the Colossals, while the allies manage to reach the back of Eren's head and blow it up with explosives. Armin then transforms into the Colossal Titan, destroying the body of the Founding Titan.

However, the centipede-like organism, the source of the titans' power, survives the explosion and, through a gas emission, transforms the neighboring Eldians into titans, including Jean, Connie, and Gabi. Eren, on the other hand, emerges with a new titan body to confront Armin. As Reiner, Annie, and Pieck engage the source and the titans, Mikasa, in the throes of a migraine, awakens in an alternate reality where she and Eren, after declaring their love for each other, have decided to escape to live out the boy's remaining four years of life together, even if doing so has doomed Paradis Island. In this reality, Eren begs Mikasa to forget him after his death.

Levi, jumping from Falco's back, uses a thunder spear to destroy Eren's titan mouth, exposing his human form inside. Eren is taken out by Mikasa, and she kisses him. With Eren's death, the powers of the titans and Eren's titan abilities, along with the source, disappear from the world, permanently turning all Eldians into humans. After his death, the members of the alliance relive old memories that Eren had erased from them. Armin remembers when he previously met Eren in the Paths: there the boy, after apologizing for beating him up at Niccolo's restaurant, explained to him that with the Boato he would be able to eliminate 80 percent of humanity before being stopped, so the enemy nations could not launch any meaningful counterattacks for the foreseeable future. Eren then revealed to Armin what his real plan was: to become a threat to the entire world, so that all of humanity would unite against a common enemy and, defeated by their comrades, they would be proclaimed as heroes.

Eren tells Armin that he understood why Ymir had remained in the service of the royal family even millennia after her master's death: the foundress sincerely loved King Fritz, despite the abuse she suffered from him, later claiming that it would be Mikasa who would free her from her bondage. Although Eren does not know why Mikasa is so important to Ymir, he claims that every action taken since he had received his future memories was done in Mikasa's service to enable her to free the progenitor.

Eren then confesses to his friend that he could no longer think clearly, since the Founder's power had made him unable to distinguish what was past, present, and future-his distorted view of time led him to take actions to ensure that history unfolded the way he remembered it, even using his powers to go back in time and influence Dina Fritz's titan to eat his mother. When Armin asks Eren what would become of Mikasa, to the boy's rough answer, he hits him full in the face, enraged at the way he treated his friend, and in a mocking tone tells him that he will probably forget him.

In tears, Eren admits that he does not want Mikasa to love anyone outside of him, wishing to live together with his friends and not wanting to die. However, he knows that he cannot escape his destiny. The boy reveals that even if he had not known that his companions would stop him, he would still have destroyed the world. Eren then tells Armin that he would temporarily erase these memories of his, and that he would only get them back at the end of the battle. Armin thanks him for his sacrifice for the sake of Paradis, and Eren puts his trust in Armin and tells him that he is confident that he will be able to save humanity after his death.

After mourning their comrade, Armin decides to take credit for the killing of Eren, while Mikasa leaves to lay her beloved's remains to rest. Three years later, while on the island the Jaegerists strengthen Paradis' army, members of the Alliance become world ambassadors for peace negotiations with the island. Mikasa buries Eren's head under a tree under which he often rested as a child outside the Shiganshina District. As she remembers their childhood, she begins to cry, wishing she could see him again one last time. Her weeping is interrupted by a bird, which grabs her scarf and pulls it around her neck before flying away. Watching it, Mikasa thanks Eren for wrapping her in the scarf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Does Eren Yeager Marry?

He doesn't marry anyone because he dies first, but he loves very much, if he doesn't love, Mikasa. Although as an adult Eren still tends to behave badly toward her, they kiss at the end of the series.

Who Are Eren Yeager's Parents?

Eren is the son of Grisha and Carla Yeager. Both parents are dead.

When Does Eren Yeager Become a Titan?

Eren Yeager becomes a giant for the first time in the first season episode 9.

Eren Yeager Quotes

Here are some of Eren Yeager's most famous quotes.

  • If someone is willing to take my freedom... I won’t hesitate to take theirs.
  • We're Born Free. 
  • I have to be the one to do this! I've got to settle this!

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