What Degree Did Andrew Tate Get?

By Matteo Drelli. Updated Aug 24, 2023

Andrew Tate watching his phone in a private jet

Did you know that Andrew Tate, the four-time kickboxing world champion, is more than just a fighter? His educational background is equally impressive! So, what degree did Andrew Tate get? Let's dive in and unravel this intriguing detail.

Andrew Tate's Degree: A Closer Look

Andrew Tate, widely recognized for his feats in the ring, also packs a punch when it comes to education. Here's what you need to know about his degree:

  • Degree Earned: Bachelor's in Finance
  • University: Andrew Tate graduated from Washington State University.

Why Does It Matter?

It might seem odd to ponder the educational background of a world-renowned athlete like Andrew Tate. However, his degree in Finance has played a crucial role in his success outside the ring, especially in his business endeavors.


Andrew Tate's journey from the world of kickboxing to academia is an inspiring tale. His Bachelor's degree in Finance from Washington State University showcases a multidimensional personality that goes beyond sports. Whether you admire him for his knockouts or his knack for numbers, Andrew Tate continues to be a figure worth watching.