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By Matteo Drelli. Updated Aug 31, 2023

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Andrew Tate is a former professional kickboxer and Internet celebrity. He was born on December 14, 1986, in Washington, DC, to his father, Emory Tate, and mother, whose name we do not know today.

Who is Andrew Tate before success

His father, Emory Tate, was an African American international chess master, and he taught Andrew Tate to play chess at age 5. He had him play in an adult tournament but withdrew it when he saw that his son was losing games.

The mother, on the other hand, worked as a catering assistant. The mother and father relationship was not working, and they decided to divorce. So Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate (his brother) were moved to Luton, England. Here Andrew Tate would grow up. However, both Tate respected and loved their father.

As Andrew Tate describes, Luton was not very friendly to strangers, especially being teased and bullied for his American accent. This reason led Tate to vent his anger by kickboxing.

Kickboxing Career

At Luton, he began his kickboxing career, most notably in 2005. He proved to be a powerful fighter over the years. In 2009, he won the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) Full Contact Cruiserweight championship in Derby, England, and ranked first in his European division.

Tate won his first ISKA world title in a rematch against Jean-Luc Benoit by knockout. In 2013 he won his second ISKA world title in Chateaurenard, France, becoming world champion in two different weight divisions. He has since retired from combat sports.

Andrew in Big Brother

Big Brother

In 2016, after retiring from kickboxing, he was invited to participate in the seventeenth season of Big Brother, a world-famous American TV series.

However, for his mannerisms considered too aggressive in Big Brother show, and for his comments considered homophobic and racist on Twitter, Andrew Tate was removed from Big Brother after only six days of participation.

Online initiatives

Andrew Tate, meanwhile, opened a website based on male-female interactions. He runs a webcam business using girls as employees, tasked with selling fake stories to desperate men. For this webcam business activity, both Tate, Andrew and Tristan, decide to move to Romania.

According to what Tate said, such a business earned him millions of dollars, and he considers the business model a total scam.

Hustler's University

Another business activity that has enabled Tate's brothers to earn millions of dollars is Hustler's University. Hustler's University is a site where members pay a monthly fee to receive instruction on business topics such as cryptocurrencies or dropshipping, where Andrew Tate himself teaches them how to succeed in different fields and what attitude to have to succeed.

This site has brought a lot of success to Andrew Tate and he has decided to engage his fans to share some Hustler's University moments in social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. This is where Tate's importance in social media platforms begins.

Social media

Tate gains notoriety through social media platforms. Tate's social media presence is top-notch, although he is one of the most criticized figures in Internet history. Andrew Tate has been bitterly attacked by those who consider him absolutely a misogynist, sexist, and anti-feminist.

Although this extreme misogyny, many young men idolize him and believe that his message is far beyond misogyny: in fact, they accuse Tate's critics of taking only controversial clips without assessing the entirety of his speech. The fact remains that Twitter has banned Tate multiple times for making multiple violations on Twitter community guidelines.

The White Ribbon Campaign, a nonprofit organization that advocates for violence between men and women, considers Tate's comments inappropriate and misogynistic and worries about its possible long-term effects on its audience of young men. Even Hope not Hate, an advocacy group that campaigns against racism and fascism, said Tate's social media presence is burdensome and far-right

In response to these comments, Tate claimed that he actually praises women and simply tries to improve the lives of the boys who follow him.

After a short time, in August 2022, a series of social media and non terminated channels of communication and prohibited Tate from recreating such a figure, as he did not seem at all like a comedic character but a first-rate persuader. First he is banned on his Facebook page and shortly after on his Instagram page. Next his Twitter page, TikTok, Youtube and Twitch. He was also banned in services such as Stripe and Uber.

In addition to the multiple violations, a video was shared where Tate beats his ex-girlfriend with a belt and did sexual harassment. However, the girl responded to the video by defending Tate and stating that it was actually just a sex game.

So Tate is permanently banned from social media. He replied that these are absolutely false narratives and that the bans respond to fake fairness but real control and censorship. However, he takes responsibility for the messages said, even if he says that the clips were taken out of context.

A few days ago Tate participated in a discussion in the Valuetainment channel run by Patrick B. David, in which he answered all the doubts that had arisen regarding his massive social ban and continues to claim that the clips were taken out of context.

Investigation of Andrew Tate

In a removed Youtube video, Tate said he moved to Romania because he was less likely to be investigated for rape charges in Eastern Europe. In April 2022, Tate's home was searched according to Romania's directorates for organized crime and terrorism investigations. In fact, Romanian police had been alerted by America that an American woman might be detained on the property. In addition to an American woman, a Romanian woman was found. The investigation is still ongoing according to the Romanian police, but Tate denies everything, so we do not know for sure whether this is true or not.

Andrew Tate's thoughts

Although Andrew Tate's thoughts are viewed negatively, it is fair to give a full representation of his thoughts. His thinking is in common with right-wing thoughts but generally of a Stoic form (look at Seneca's quotes).

His main values: strong and powerful individualism, few but right and well-chosen friendships, decisions and actions based on experience and self-criticism. His being direct and rational is very typical of Stoic thought. He also evaluates a person's duties and potential according to gender and mental ability.

He professes to his students never to be at the mercy of external factors and to be the protagonist of one's own life, not to be ashamed in facing situations and not to be ashamed even in talking about some difficulties with others. He proposes a concise view of depression by proposing an example: if we hear a window slamming, we think of the ghost if we believe the ghost, but if we don't believe it, we think it's wind. Similarly, with depression, if we believe it, we can have it. If we don't believe it, we can't.

He believes in the usefulness of something or a person, so he prefers to go to places or be with people he thinks are beneficial to improve himself or be well.

Regarding individualism, Tate is very attached to the figure of the individual and himself. He believes that the best way to manage one's life is to be the protagonist of one's own choices and assert oneself independently in all serious situations. However, he recognizes and respects people who similarly do as he does, even if they are not millionaires or famous. His best friend is Tristan Tate, his brother. He said he had had the deepest discussions and feels he has improved a lot in life. Currently, his brother Tristan Tate helps and manages Andrew Tate's various businesses, acting as his wingman.

On the other hand, as far as the topic of women and love is concerned, his view is rather peculiar. According to him, men can have sex with women even if they have a wife because men are more likely to be attached to the physical, sexual act. In contrast, the woman handles love in a much more emotional way. While the man can be captivated by a woman's body, the woman is more fascinated by a situation or a particular type of behaviour.

He also believes that men, more than being handsome, must be charismatic and of high social status because, according to Tate, those are the major values a woman follows. To win a man, a woman must have a fantastic body and great persuasive skills.

In addition, he has always believed in dialogue, many times he has appeared in live or video to debate deep issues or even just to joke (remember Valuetainment live or Stand Out TV video).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Andrew Tate say?

Andrew Tate has spoken about many deep issues, such as love and depression, and is accused of being misogynistic and overly aggressive.

When did Andrew Tate become popular?

Andrew Tate became popular between 2021 and 2022. As of today, Tate is banned on all social networks because he is seen as a harmful figure and a negative influence on society.

What is Andrew Tate's salary?

Andrew Tate's salary is $44 million and up. The net worth is about $355 million. Monthly income is $4 million and up.

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Andrew Tate Quotes

Here are some of Andrew Tate's most famous quotes.

Arrogance breeds complacency and complacency breeds failure.

Find a person who is as successful as you'd like to be, ask them what to do, do it and work hard.

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