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Anaximander Quotes


“Unlimited has no principle, for in such a case it would be limited.”

The Anaximander's quote says that the unlimited has no principle. If it did, it would be limited.

This philosophical concept is true and fascinating, even if a truly ancient man makes it. The unlimited has no principle or no deduction or explanation.

The unlimited is unlimited, and there is no way to explain or understand it. However, being aware of the limitlessness of the world should make us positive and happy. We should be aware that whatever we do, there is always something more we can do.

So if the unlimited precisely has no principle and is unlimited, let us try to imitate it. We should also try to be unlimited and not set ourselves physical or mental limits. We can do whatever we believe in if we really want to.


“Water is the principle of the universe.”


“Nature is eternal and does not age.”


“Things are full of Gods.”


“All beings are derived from other, older beings by successive transformations.”


“There are many worlds and many systems of Universes that exist all at the same time, all of them perishable.”


“The undefined is unborn and incorruptible, for that which begins necessarily has an end; and all corruption has a term.”


“Immortal and indestructible, it surrounds everything and destroys everything.”


“The undefined is divine, for it is immortal and imperishable.”


“The original principle of things is aperture. That is where they arise, that is where they later perish by reason of necessity.”

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