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“Don't let awards get the best of you.”


“Drip is your attire, the clothes you wear.”


“I appreciate every blessing.”


“Drip' is just another word for swag. Swag was not our word – my era is drip; that's our swag.”


“I'm gon' drip forever, but I'm not going to just focus on that. That's not going to be the title of all my albums.”


“You gotta be able to adapt.”


“Drip is me. That's my signature.”


“I just work hard, and when you work hard, a lot of stuff just starts happening for you.”


“Don't argue. We ain't doing that. What you going back and forth with somebody over anything for?”


“God bless the dead.”


“Pain is temporary, so whatever you are going through won't last forever.”


“I want to be a rap icon.”


“Only got one life, you can get rich twice.”


“Everybody's not gonna understand what I wear because they don't shop where I shop.”


“Life Crazy don't take it for Granted!”


“All I ever needed was hope.”


“Test their loyalty then u'll know if it's real ! I promise!”


“When it come to money, I done came a long way.”


“She know I'm a beast, it ain't easy to tame. She squirt on my sheets while I beat out her frame. Dozed off, woke back up, she still sayin' my name.”


“We don't need no one vouchin' for us. I've been grindin' and found me a bust. I've been searchin' for love and found lust.”


“I got hundreds bent up in the basket. I been killing the game with no casket.”


“When it comes to business I'm handling mine, yeah, I'ma kingface Patek my time.”


“Hope that money don't change you.”


“When it's cold, I'm the one like a sweater.”


“I don't see no one but us, I don't seem to worry much. I been high inside the clouds I can feel 'em and touch.”


“All that pain, we remain cool. It's a shame what that fame do.”


“You ain't my slime, you ain't my slime. Young Gunna Gunna, I'm in my prime.”


“If we came together, we leave together & if we lucky we'll die together.”


“Spend a whole M in the mall, boy you crazy. Clinch to that shit, bet' not trust your old lady.”


“We got some, but we come to get more.”


“Sometimes a gangsta need a hug.”


“I done came a long way from the Buckhurst.”


“I need some love to go with this hate. Give mama a hug, we finally made it.”


“I'm a leader, I got 'em followin' my footsteps like the feds.”


“You don't gotta use the door, you can hop in front of tip.”


“I connected all the dots. Pulled that foreign off the lot.”


“It's easy to slip, don't want you to fall. Might drip on this b- like Met Gala, ballin'. Answer her texts, don't answer her calls.”


“Keep it real, the streets show you no love.”


“In love with my life, and you wish we could trade.”


“Break the bricks and the bales down. Cashing in and I cash out.”


“I took the top off, I'm dripping like hot sauce.”


“I took a loss and it made me a boss.”

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