What Episode Does Goku Defeat Goku Black?

By Matteo Drelli. Updated Aug 23, 2023

Goku faces Black Goku

Prepare yourself for a journey into the exciting world of Dragon Ball Super! Have you ever been on the edge of your seat, waiting to discover the result of an epic battle? That's exactly what happened when Goku took on Goku Black. Buckle up and get ready to explore this gripping battle with me!

The Intriguing Enemy: Goku Black

Imagine facing an enemy that looks exactly like you but with sinister intentions! Goku Black is not just a mysterious foe; he's an evil version of Goku himself. It's like fighting your own reflection. Spooky, isn't it?

The Epic Battle: A Quick Overview

  • Battle Location: The Future Trunks Saga
  • Episode: Goku defeated Goku Black in episode 63 of "Dragon Ball Super."
  • Reason Behind the Fight: To save the future and protect loved ones!

Now let's delve into the details!

The Future Trunks Saga: The Stage Is Set

In the Future Trunks Saga, timelines tangle and chaos ensues. Goku Black, an enemy wearing the face of our beloved hero, emerges. His evil intentions put the future in peril, and it's up to Goku and his friends to stop him!

The Battle Itself: Episode 63

Goku and Vegeta return to the future, ready for a rematch with Goku Black and Zamasu. It's a fight with high stakes, and the tension is palpable.

  • Strategy and Strength: Goku's not just about raw power; his strategy and the use of his Super Saiyan Blue form make the difference.
  • The Final Blow: With a fierce battle, Goku finally overpowers Goku Black with a Kamehameha, forcing a desperate move from the enemy.

What It Means for Fans: More Than Just a Fight

This battle is not just a fight; it's a clash of ideologies, good versus evil, and a quest for justice. It's a lesson in perseverance and believing in oneself.

  • An Iconic Moment: The battle with Goku Black becomes an unforgettable part of the Dragon Ball Super series.
  • A Lesson Learned: Goku's victory teaches us that no matter how insurmountable the odds may seem, with determination and courage, success is possible.

Conclusion: A Battle to Remember

The battle between Goku and Goku Black in episode 63 of "Dragon Ball Super" isn't just a fight; it's a story, a lesson, and a thrilling experience all in one. Whether you're a longtime fan or new to the series, this battle has something to captivate you. So why not grab some popcorn, head to your favorite streaming service, and relive this incredible moment? It's a battle for the ages, and it's waiting for you!