Why does Bill Ackman hates Carl Icahn?

By Matteo Drelli. Updated Sep 6, 2023

Understanding the complex relationship between Bill Ackman and Carl Icahn can be challenging. These high-profile investors have had public spats, making many wonder, "Why does Bill Ackman hates Carl Icahn?" I'm here to provide a concise yet expert answer to unravel this mystery.

Bill Ackman and Carl Icahn had a public feud mainly due to their opposing positions in Herbalife, a multi-level marketing company. Their disagreement led to a highly-publicized verbal spat. It's essential to note that personal and professional disputes in the financial world are not uncommon, and while tension existed, it doesn't mean they hate each other.

Their relationship has also shown signs of improvement over time, further complicating this respected rivalry.