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“There's no talent here, this is hard work. This is an obsession. Talent does not exist, we are all human beings. You could be anyone if you put in the time. You will reach the top, and that's that. I am not talented, I am obsessed.”

In this insightful piece from **Conor McGregor quotes**, the renowned fighter underscores the supremacy of *hard work* and *obsession* over innate talent. McGregor invites us to see ourselves not as separate entities with varying degrees of ability, but as *human beings* with an equal capacity for achievement. The key, he suggests, is time and effort. By dedicating ourselves fully to our pursuits, we can transcend the limitations we perceive. The concept of talent becomes irrelevant in the face of unwavering commitment and relentless work. McGregor's words echo the Stoic principle of focusing on what is within our control - our actions, efforts, and attitudes. His obsession is not a mere fixation, but a profound *concentration of energy* and *dedication* towards his goal. In this light, his quote serves as a reminder that we are all capable of reaching the top, not by inherent talent, but by the power of our obsession. By embracing this mindset, we can harness our potential and shape our own destiny. In essence, McGregor's quote encapsulates the transformative power of hard work and the profound impact of an *obsessive dedication* to our goals.


“I enjoy competition. I enjoy challenges. If a challenge is in front of me and it appeals to me, I will go ahead and conquer it.”


“If you're asking would I like to fight Floyd Mayweather — I mean, who would not like to dance around the ring for $180 million?”


“My knee popped, but fuck it, it is what it is. I just went with what was comfortable, and what was comfortable was getting the motherfucker to the ground. Looking back, I should have just pulled my knee from my leg and hit him with it.”


“The only weight I give a fuck about is the weight of the cheques and my cheques are super-heavyweight.”


“There's two things I really like to do and that's whoop ass and look good. I'm doing one of them right now and on Saturday night, I'm doing the other.”


“These custom-made suits aren't cheap. This solid gold pocket watch, three people died making this watch. I need to put people away. I need those big fights. I'm going to end up in debt pretty fast.”


“I didn't have money before this. I was collecting 188 Euro a week off the social welfare. And now here I am, with like 60 G's bonus and then my own pay. I don't know what the F's going on, to be honest.”


“We're not just here to take part — we're here to take over.”


“It's tradition. I remove a head, I bring it backstage, I place it on Mr. Fertitta and Mr. White's desk. Here you go boss. Another one done. And then we discuss big business.”


“It's a tough pill to swallow but we can either run from adversity or we can face our adversity head on and conquer it. And that's what I plan to do.”


“I run this whole thing. I run New York. I run this whole ship. Without me none of this happens. I run this whole shit. Everyone in this game does what they're fucking told except for me and rightly fucking so. If I say you're on the prelims, you're on the”


“I'm going to toy with this man. I will rearrange his facial structure. His wife and kids won't recognize him again. His friends will know he's not the same after this contest. You're never, ever going to be the same. Your kids are going to beg 'daddy,”


“Me and Jesus are cool. I'm cool with all the gods. Gods recognize gods.”


“I fear no man. If you breathe oxygen, I do not fear you.”


“I've ridiculed everyone on the roster, I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, I'd like to take this chance to apologise…to absolutely nobody!”


“They're messed up pussiess, if you ask me. Fair play to Brock [Lesnar], he got in and fought, but at the end of the day he was juiced up to the fucking eye balls, so how can I respect that?”


“I said football stadiums. I said world titles. This is what I said and this is what is happening. It's a beautiful thing when you have the ability to predict the future, and that is what I feel I have.”


“If one of us goes to war, we all go to war.”


“Timing beats speed. Precision beats power.”


“You're damn right I'm in it to make money. This is prize fighting, I'm in it to get rich; fast. And then I'm in it to get out.”


“The only approach I changed is I dug the grave a little bit wider. A little bit longer for Nate's skinny, fat, long body.”


“Who the fuck is dat guy?”


“I can make you rich. I'll change your bum life. You fight me, it's a celebration. When you sign to fight me, it's a celebration. You ring back home, you ring your wife, 'Baby, we've done it. We're rich baby. Conor McGregor made us rich. Break out the red”


“I lost my mind in this game like Vincent van Gogh. He dedicated his life to his craft and lost his mind in the process. That's happening to me. But, fuck it. When that gold belt is around my waist, when my mother has a big mansion, when my girlfriend has”


“He should've killed me when he had the chance.”


“Surprise, surprise, motherfuckers! The king is back!”


“You might win some, you might lose some. But you go in, you challenge yourself, you become a better man, a better individual, a better fighter.”


“To do anything to a high level, it has to be total obsession.”


“My success isn't a result of arrogance - it's a result of belief.”


“Life is about growing and improving and getting better.”


“I'm not going to get somewhere and say, 'OK, I'm done.' Success is never final; I'll just keep on going. The same way as failure never being fatal. Just keep going. I'm going to the stars and then past them.”


“The more you seek the uncomfortable, the more you will become comfortable.”


“If you deserve it, go get it.”


“I take inspiration from everyone and everything. I'm inspired by current champions, former champions, true competitors, people dedicated to their dream, hard workers, dreamers, believers, achievers.”


“My preparation is about precision. It is a science.”


“I'll die a crazy old man!”


“I'm just trying to be myself. I'm not trying to be anyone else.”


“Nobody is my boss.”


“I wish everyone well, but you need to focus on yourself. You need to stop putting your hand out. Everyone wants hand outs. Everyone wants things for free. You've got to put in the work. You've got to grind. You've got go through the struggle, and you've”


“When I say something's going to happen, it's going to happen.”


“I guess I have a little bit of an ego. I'm confidently cocky, you might say.”


“Why go through life if you're not going to challenge yourself?”


“'This guy's a clown! He's just all talk!' I've heard that many times in my career. And then they're sleeping in the middle of the octagon.”


“Life's a rollercoaster. You're up one minute; you're down one minute. But who doesn't like rollercoasters?”


“I'm just looking to learn, grow, stay focused, and become a better fighter and a better athlete.”


“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.”


“I don't feel pressure in a negative way. I like pressure. I feel excitement and calm at the same time. No pressure, no diamonds. I want pressure: pressure creates drama, creates emotion.”


“Muhammad Ali is a legend, a hero of mine.”


“Glutes are power.”


“People think I'm a celebrity. I'm not a celebrity.”


“I carry the flag of Ireland all the time. I want to represent my country.”


“That's what I do this for, to secure my family's future. I don't care about anything else. I'm able to spoil people, and that's the best thing.”


“We're the only animal that wakes up and doesn't stretch.”


“The mixed martial arts way of life will give you focus.”


“Trash talk? Smack talk? This is an American term that makes me laugh. I simply speak the truth. I'm an Irish man.”


“I am fearless.”


“I break orbital bones.”


“My dream is to be World Lightweight Champion in the UFC. Have more money than I know what to do with. And have a great life for my kids, grandkids, and everyone in my family.”


“I don't feel bitterness, I don't feel anger towards anybody. Fighting is never emotional to me.”


“You beat him verbally. You beat him mentally, and then finally, you beat him physically. That's the three ways to beat a man.”


“My family's lineage, we are warriors. The McGregor clan, we are warriors all through. We are famous all through the world for our fighting capabilities of all generations. So I have no doubt that's stood to me and that led me down this path and gave me”


“Competition gives me energy. It keeps me focused.”


“I run New York City!”


“I feel you're in charge of your own situation.”


“There's many ups and downs in the fight game.”


“Yes, sir, no, sir, clock in, clock out. Why were you late? Why are you not in today? That's not how humans are supposed to live.”


“People are so caught in a routine, doing the same things over and over.”


“I train and I go home, and when I'm home, I think about training. That's my life every day, and that's it.”


“A lot of people cry and complain and put their hand out and beg. It never goes well.”


“There are a lot of people who don't know me and what I am all about.”


“I am in the fighting game. I don't care about anything else. I don't watch the news, I don't care about politics, I don't care about other sports. I don't care about anything I don't need to care about. This is my sport: it is my life. I study it; I think”


“I always teach myself calm and visualization stuff.”


“It's good to make your brain work more than your body”


“If you are surrounded by your competition and you are outworking these people, outmaneuvering these people, it's hard not to let your confidence take over. It just builds and builds and builds.”


“Some people take defeat and losses a certain way. You see how some fighters take losses.”


“Ritual is another word for fear, manifested in a different way.”


“There is definitely an addiction to money that I have.”


“What someone else does or doesn't do has no effect on me and what I do.”


“Yeah, the Mac Life... it's about sipping some tea, getting together with the knitting circle. You know I like origami, right? That's how you get to be notorious.”


“When I am free to train and free to move, I feel like a gorilla in the jungle. Then, when there are a bunch of media obligations, I feel like I have been captured and am being kept on display.”


“Everything I've been thinking, every vision, even down to every shot I throw, it just ends up here in reality. Whether it was in a fight and how to react or whether it was in a stadium with screaming fans or whether I was in a fancy car or the best”


“At 155, I will be the same animal, an even better animal.”


“I have the greatest job in the world. I get paid loads of cash for beating the crap out of people. And I'm very good at it.”


“I kind of love Cole Miller.”


“We come bulletproof in Ireland. We're reared tough, and we fight.”


“I always put myself out there. I'm not afraid to commit to something.”


“There's people that tried to celebrate when I lost that got nothing to do with it. That's not the sign of a champion.”


“I have a self-defense mind. I've had it all my life.”


“It could be if I fight in front of one person or one million people. It's still the same emotions.”


“I want to be financially secure by the time I have kids.”


“Clean fighting solves everything. It ends all bad blood and any ill feelings people have. That's my thoughts.”


“I sleep people. I put people unconscious. I'm stating facts.”


“I don't feel that emotion is a good thing to have in combat. You must be cold.”


“The left paw has done me well over the years. I'm not a scientist, I'm a martial artist.”


“When I prepare, I am not messing around. I find the right places, the right people, and the right environment. Iceland is one of those places.”


“I believe in believing. My coach John Kavanagh is a big atheist, and he is always trying to persuade people to his way of thinking, and I think, 'What a waste of energy.' If people want to believe in this god or that god, that's fine by me; believe away.”


“I'm going to change the way martial arts is viewed. I'm going to change the game. I'm going to change the way people approach fighting.”


“I see fighters make funny videos about me and stick them on Facebook and get 20 likes. When I make a video, I sell it to Fox and make seven figures. That's the difference.”


“I don't fight in chase of an individual. I hear this sometimes where fighters work their whole careers to reach a matchup with a certain individual. I do not think in that way.”


“I've learned new footwork patterns that are very unusual. I've learned how to find a lower centre of gravity, and I've found more angles to throw shots.”


“If I hit a man, his head is gonna go into the bleachers.”


“I'm just a kid that defied the odds. I'm just a kid that ignored the doubt. I'm just a kid from a little place in Dublin, Ireland, that went all the way, and I'm going to continue to go all the way.”


“From the moment I open my eyes, I'm trying to free my body. I'm trying to get looser, more flexible, to gain control. Movement is medicine to me.”


“I like to look good, my friend.”


“The only time my records are going to be broken is by my own spawn. I'm going be training that child out the womb.”


“I certainly would not like to end up in a tie-up with Ms. Rousey.”


“I'm already the face of the UFC, plus the face of boxing, WWE, and Hollywood.”


“I'm committed to the fight game.”


“I love money because I've earned it. I won sixty G's with my first knockout - and the week before, I was collecting social welfare.”


“A good feeling for me is when you train, and then you put on fresh clothes. New clothes after a training session - you have this rush of endorphins from exercise that everybody gets, and then you get that nice feeling of fresh clothes. It's a double”


“People say that I'm a boxer. I actually started with kick boxing, and then I moved onto boxing, and then I moved onto grappling.”


“Cage Warriors is a brilliant organisation. They're doing great things for European MMA, and they're giving the platform for guys like me who came through. They're vital. I'm forever grateful for the opportunities I got.”


“I knew I'd be in the UFC since I started my career.”


“If they let people go fight jiu-jitsu tournaments, they can't stop me going to fight a boxing fight.”


“Not a lot of people or pros in this game know how to train correctly. That's why they don't have a long career. Their body gets banged up. They get into a rhythm of heavy sparring and heavy work, but through that, they're limiting movement.”


“What can I say? I'm a talker.”


“I think I am the greatest fighter in any class. I know I can hold two, maybe even three belts.”


“Any top-level athlete, it's always the same. There's always that hint of arrogance there... It's hard to be humble when you're the best.”


“When you're faced with an opponent, the media asks the questions, and I answer truthfully. I don't hold back.”


“I'm in the game of spinning plates. I'm spinning a boxing plate. I'm spinning a Tae Kwon Do plate. I'm spinning a Jujitsu plate. I'm spinning a freestyle wrestling plate. I'm spinning a karate plate. If I was to put all them down and have one boxing plate”


“I will fight in many weight divisions.”


“I used to pretend that my Peugeot driving to the gym in the rain in Dublin was a Ferrari on the Vegas strip.”


“I don't look at a man who's expert in one area as a specialist. I look at him as a rookie in ten other areas.”


“Many people don't understand ring control. They think they do until they're against someone who really understands how to set traps, how to create holes in the octagon that they fall into.”


“I never got into training to be an All-Ireland boxing champ or to win a belt. At the start, I just got into it to learn how to defend myself when I got into situations.”


“I've always felt like there was a lot of hype around me even when there wasn't. I felt like everyone was talking about me even when no one was talking about me.”


“I'm focusing on me. I'm focusing on my family's security, my family's financial security, so that's all I can do.”


“I just figured out that if I gave my all into this game - if I put everything into the fight business - then I would eventually run the fight business.”


“You might be tough, but you can only be so tough for so long, you know what I mean? The brain can only take so much damage. The body can only take so much damage.”


“I think it's an Irish thing. We don't really care. We say it as we mean it, and you have to deal with it. The truth is the truth.”


“Boxing is limited fighting with a specific rule set. Fighting is true, where you can do anything.”


“When I do something, I do it full steam ahead.”


“What it's like to be me? You know, it's good to be me. My life is good.”


“I am not afraid of saying something and going and pursuing it. That's it. I see it in my mind. I say it out loud. I go and do it.”


“My goal is to be number one in MMA.”


“I'm interested in movement, and I'm interested in money, and I'm interested in the movement of money.”


“I have a deep, deep belief that if I tell you I'm going to crack you with a clean shot to the chin inside one minute of the first round and you will be unconscious, well, then that's what will happen.”


“Posture for combat is so vital.”


“My unpredictability is what separates me. If you move in so many ways, your opponent is not focused on what he's doing. He's focusing in on what you're doing, and it freezes him. When they freeze and you hit, they shatter like glass.”


“I've read a lot of books on the laws of attraction, and in my home, I have a big book on Muhammad Ali, which I've read because he is, like, a hero of mine, but other than that, no, I'm not a big reader.”


“Even when I was a kid, everything I had was the best.”


“I want to be an expert in different fighting styles, new training methods, new ways of thinking.”


“People like to blame others. I think a person should just look at their own situation, look around them, find out what they wish to do, and seek and go and do that. And that's it.”


“I want to negotiate what I'm worth. I want to put my analytics forward, man-to-man, and to be like, 'This is what I'm owed now. Pay me.' And then we can talk.”


“I am not stupid. I am a very bright guy. I know that in the fighting game, you get people who get brain damage and do themselves long-term harm.”


“People think hard sparring will get you sharp. And you do get sharp in the gym. But anytime I've trained that way, I've actually been a little bit flatter in the fight. And the knockout shot hasn't come. It's almost because my training has been too hard.”


“I'd love to go into WWE and have a real knock and see what's what.”


“Doubt is only removed by action. If you're not working then that's where doubt comes in.”


“I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing. Keep proving people wrong and proving myself right.”


“I was always a dreamer, and my first ambition was to be a footballer. I'd be out in the field doing drills after it got dark at night. So I had that passion to get somewhere and a drive to do something. I did love football and was always more into playing”


“We're not just here to take part. We're here to take over.”


“I believe in myself so much that nothing is going to stop me.”


“I keep having vivid dreams of success. Then it's time to sleep.”


“When I say something is going to happen, it's going to happen.”


“The more you seek the uncomfortable the more you will become comfortable.”


“My success isn't the result of arrogance, it's the result of belief.”


“All that matters is how you see yourself. If you see yourself as the king, with all the belts and everything, and no matter what no one else says, as long as you see that, and really believe in it, then that's what's going to happen.”


“I stay ready so I don't have to get ready.”


“Life is about improving and getting better.”


“Excellence is not a skill. Excellence is an attitude.”


“Smart work pays best. Trust it.”


“Hard work and dedication.”


“What defines us is how well we rise after falling.”


“It's not really that much big of a deal – you brush it off and you come back. Defeat is the secret ingredient to success.”


“Approach everything with an open mind, with a learning mind. You will never stop learning as long as you keep the mind-set that everything works, because everything does work. There's a time and a place for every single move. If you work on it enough, it”


“Always look to learn. Learning something new is a great feeling. The feeling of progress.”


“Nothing good ever comes from worrying or sitting there feeling sorry for yourself… keep positive and keep pushing on and things will turn good.”


“I am cocky in prediction. I am confident in preparation. But I am always humble in victory or defeat.”


“Be grateful with everything you have and you will be successful in everything you do.”


“It's a tough pill to swallow but we can either run from our adversity or run to our adversity, tale it head on and conquer it.”


“Real champions fight through adversity.”

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