Karl Marx

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The ruling ideas of each age have ever been the ideas of its ruling class.
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The Karl Marx's quote says that the most prominent thoughts and ideas come from those with the most power in society.

Economic, social, and labor needs and situations shape thinking. Those who are at the top and have power can shape ideas and thoughts as they wish because they are unchallengeable.

We must have our ideas and thoughts. These do not have to depend on the statements of public opinion, the ruling class, or whoever has greater authority over us.

Above all, we must be aware of our surroundings. Also, we should be skeptical about everything said by those with greater power because it does not have to be correct and uncontested.

To counter the opinion of the ruling class with an idea or thought of our own, we have to elevate ourselves and get to the same level as them. The ruling class will no longer have the power to control us or cover up our opinions. We can achieve this if we believe in ourselves and reach our goals.

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