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Gentleness clears the soul, love cleans the mind and makes it free.
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The David Bowie's quote says that kindness and love are two beneficial and liberating elements for us.

Being kind is a healthy and balanced way of being in interpersonal relationships. It is an attitude that arises from an authentic inner disposition. Generous and respectful actions concretize this attitude.

It is the highest form of politeness and respect toward other people. At the same time, being kind generates more positivity and harmony.

Love is a feeling of affection toward a person or object, which leads us to do good, preserve and respect the beloved element. Loving someone or something means being willing to do anything to be with the desired person or protect the object as much as possible. This feeling causes us to enjoy better the moments spent with the beloved element and be more positive and happy in its presence.

The business and social world underestimate love and kindness.
But these help us improve ourselves and let us deal with situations.

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