Carl Icahn

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I like winning. There's also a certain joy in it. I feel fulfilled by it.
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The Carl Icahn's quote says that winning feels good, fulfills us, and rejoices us.

Winning, personal satisfaction, and success all fulfill us and make us feel happy and positive. We should feel proud of these things if we achieve them.

However, let us remember that life is not easy. There will not be only successes in our lives. We must also prepare ourselves for painful and unsuccessful situations.

We must remember the feeling that victory gives us because one day, when we are in trouble, we can think of that feeling and give our best to get it back.

You learn in this business: It you want a friend, get a dog.

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Anyone that makes me a quarter of a billion dollars, I like.

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I enjoy the hunt much more than the 'good life' after the victory.

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Don't go in and tell somebody else how to run their business.

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When you have no one to answer to, vendetta as investment strategy is as legitimate as anything.

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I'm a cynic about corporate democracy and boards.

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My wife watches me like a hawk.

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