Who Is Ken Kaneki 101: Everything You Wanted To Know

By Matteo Drelli. Updated Aug 23, 2023

Ken Kaneki picture

Before explaining who Ken Kaneki is, it is best to tell the background of this character and the Tokyo Ghoul anime. Tokyo Ghoul is a manga written and drawn by Sui Ishida that will become an anime in 2014. The Tokyo Ghoul series anime adaptation is divided into three seasons: Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul √A and Tokyo Ghoul:re. There are 48 episodes in total, while the manga is 30 volumes (plus a prequel named Tokyo Ghoul: JACK)

The background of the anime is as simple as it is intriguing. A series of gory murders occur in Tokyo by ghouls, monsters who see humans as prey and can feed only on their flesh.

Kaneki Ken is the protagonist of the Tokyo Ghoul series, appearing in Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul √A and Tokyo Ghoul: re.

Ken Kaneki personifies a ghoul

Tokyo ghoul

The beginning of the story

Ken Kaneki is a shy young college student passionate about studying and reading books, especially Japanese literature. He is living a normal life. His best and only friend is Hide (Hideyoshi Nagachika). One day he meets in a cafe bar Rize, a charming peer of his, who is also a scholar and a lover of Japanese literature books. She is a ghoul and plans to devour Kaneki Ken since ghouls eat only human flesh. With an excuse, she manages to lure Ken Kaneki to a secluded location at a construction site near a building under construction. At this point, Rize begins to attack and severely injure him. However, fortunately, Rize is wounded as she is hit by a series of steel beams, which fall from the building under construction. Ken Kaneki is rushed to a hospital where the surgeon of his operation, despairing of Ken Kaneki's condition, decides to give him an organ transplant. These organs are taken from Rize's own body.

Ken Kaneki's discovery, he is now an artificial ghoul

Ken Kaneki survives the impossible, but he tries to eat typical human food in the hospital, failing and vomiting. When Ken Kaneki finds himself in the middle of the street with thousands of people, he feels the need to eat and devour them. Ken Kaneki realizes that he has become a half ghoul since inside him are the organs and blood of Rize, the woman he was persuaded by.

Being a half ghoul, Ken Kaneki realizes that to survive, he must start eating humans and human blood. As Ken Kaneki begins to understand better what he is becoming, he tries to stab himself with the kitchen knife, but it breaks. So when he goes out, he cannot resist his hunger and starts hunting humans. Soon after, he finds himself in the territory of Nishiki Nishio, another ghoul. Being in another ghoul's territory, he is almost killed. But he is saved by a girl named Touka, the waitress at the cafe bar Anteiku, where he had met Rize. So she reveals to Ken Kaneki that she is also a ghoul, and he begins to cry because he does not want to eat humans and hates his new self. Ken Kaneki is frustrated about his new life; he does not want to be a ghoul.

His desire for food is great because Rize is known as the 'glutton,' a woman with an insatiable hunger. In addition to his insatiable hunger, Ken Kaneki discovers something interesting: he is very different from ghouls because he possesses only one ghoul eye (kakugan, an eye where the sclera is black and the pupil is red). So he becomes the one eyed ghoul. When a ghoul shows kakugans, it means he is excited or using his ghoul powers. Ken Kaneki, however, still cannot control himself and decides to put a medical patch over his eye to cover it.

The people of Anteiku

Kaneki Ken does not know how to handle the situation. However, he is taken to the Anteiku, the cafe bar where he meets Rize and spends a lot of time with his friend Hide. There he meets Anteiku manager Yoshimura. Yoshimura is an elder and reveals to Ken Kaneki that he is a ghoul. The elder explains to Kaneki Ken that the Anteiku is a place where ghouls who do not like to kill humans take refuge. He also tells Ken Kaneki to keep his being a ghoul a secret from Hide.

Touka, on the other hand, is the maid at Anteiku and is very aggressive toward Ken Kaneki, considering him a whiner and a weakling since he does not deal with problems but cries over them. Touka is assigned to take Ken Kaneki to Uta (the owner of the Hysy Artmask studio). Uta is often assigned to make masks for the good ghouls so that they hide their identity from the outside world. So Uta is assigned to make the ghoul mask for Ken Kaneki. It thus changed Kaneki Ken's life from just a college student.

Returning to Anteiku, here Ken Kaneki meets two new Tokyo Ghoul characters. These two characters are Ryouko Fueguchi and Hinami Fueguchi, mother and daughter, respectively. These two people are also ghouls who decide to hide in the Anteiku.

Here begins the story of ghoul Kaneki Ken. Kaneki joined Anteiku and lives there with the other new ghoul characters. His normal life starts to end.

The first enemies of the series

Shortly after getting to know Anteiku and all the characters in that café bar, we learn about the first enemies, some important, some less so. Shortly after getting to know Anteiku and all the characters in that café bar, we learn about the first enemies, some important, some less so. We learn about two agents of the Commission of Counter Ghouls (CCG), Amon and Mado. These two humans are tasked with eliminating ghouls, understanding their weaknesses and studying them. Amon is very emotional and in a way feels sorry for the ghouls and is not very apt to kill them, at least initially. On the other hand, Mado is squeamish, crazy, and likes to see ghouls suffer. These two agents are in search of three ghouls, the Glutton (Rize), Jason (who is glimpsed in early anime episodes with Rize), and the Gourmet (Tsukiyama).

Tsukiyama, a very powerful ghoul, is captivated by Ken Kaneki and wants to become part of his life. He meets him at the university campus and asks him to dinner. The innocent Kaneki accepts.

Meanwhile, Ken Kaneki begins training with Renji Yomo (Yoshimura's right-hand man) and learns from Itori that there may be another one eyed ghoul like Ken Kaneki. He also believes that the iron beams that killed Rize did not fall spontaneously but were dropped by someone. The ghouls also begin to ask, 'Who is Ken Kaneki, this half ghoul with latent ghoul powers?'

However, it soon becomes clear that Tsukiyama has hidden intentions regarding his relationship with Ken Kaneki. He is tricked into being taken to an underground arena where masked people plan to devour Kaneki Ken. However, when Tsukiyama learns that Kaneki Ken has only one eye of ghoul, he decides to save him at the last minute. He wants to devour Ken Kaneki himself.

Nishiki Nishio and his girlfriend Kimi Nishino

Tsukiyama tries to figure out what dish he should make, with Ken Kaneki's meat as the base. Meanwhile, Ken Kaneki is training with Yomo, and as soon as he finishes training with him, he runs into Nishiki Nishio, whom two other ghouls have beaten. Ken Kaneki rescues him and takes him to his home. Here he meets the girl Kimi Nishino. Ken Kaneki and she leave the house to talk while Nishio rests in the house.

As they take a walk, she tells Ken Kaneki that she is willing to justify all the killing that her boyfriend does because, in the first place, he is forced to do that, plus he has never tried to hurt her or her family. Ken Kaneki promises her that he will try everything to help Nishio heal from his injuries. However, when Kimi Nishino is on her way home, she is kidnapped by Tsukiyama.

Ken Kaneki, meanwhile, returned to Anteiku to find a piece of human flesh to give to Nishio. Upon returning to his home, he finds a note made by Tsukiyama stating that he had kidnapped Kimi and that he would like it if Ken Kaneki attended the dinner. So one eyed ghoul Ken Kaneki decides with Nishio to head to the meeting place.

A fierce battle begins at this place, and when Tsukiyama is about to win, Touka shows up to help Ken Kaneki. Unfortunately, her strength is not enough, and Tsukiyama also prevails against her. Then Nishio has flashbacks of the times he and his girlfriend spent together and becomes furious. He assaults Tsukiyama, and this action allows Touka to bite Kaneki and regenerate her power, as well as drastically improve her ghoul powers. After the power-up, she easily defeats Tsukiyama, and they return home safely. Following that incident, Nishio becomes an employee at Anteiku.

The Fueguchi's family

The entire scene changes to an interaction between Jason and Hinami's father, Asaki Fueguchi. Asaki, a weapon-making ghoul, hands Jason a weapon and then asks him to leave. But Jason begins to attack him, and it is at this moment that Amon and Mado arrive. They both fail to deal with Jason because he is too strong, and Jason's kagune even destroys Mado's weapon (quinque, a weapon created mainly to deal with ghouls). Jason, however, does not kill the officers and decides to leave. The two men, however, choose to kill Asaki, who is already injured. With his kagune, they create a new weapon (in fact, thanks to the ghouls' kagune, humans can develop weapons they can use to confront ghouls).

Later, Hinami and Ryouko are out shopping, unaware of their father and husband's death. Mado creates a trap for the mother and daughter, and he and a few other officers attack them. Fortunately, Hinami manages to escape, and Ken Kaneki meets her as she runs, screaming for help.

Ken Kaneki runs with Hinami to where Ryouko is trapped. He manages to arrive just in time when Mado launches the final attack that kills his mother. Ken Kaneki covers Hinami's eyes so she cannot see her mother's death. Ken Kaneki returns to the Anteiku with Hinami, explains the events to the remaining members of the Anteiku, and they decide that they cannot get revenge against them because that would stir up a mess. However, Touka chooses on her own to avenge Ryouko.

The next day she puts on her rabbit mask and follows Amon and two other investigators. As soon as she has the opportunity, she attacks them. She manages to kill one agent, but Mado arrives and wounds her. She manages to escape.

Returning to the Anteiku, Ken Kaneki sees her injuries. He then decides to help her get revenge on Ryouko. Here for the first time, Ken Kaneki wears his mask.

Mado's death

Mado and the other officers, along with Amon, face Ken Kaneki, Touka, and Hinami. Amon and Ken Kaneki, however, are in a place not far away but separated by Touka and Mado. These two fight and Ken Kaneki has to submit to his body's deepest and strongest part, the ghoul nature. However, he can still not control this strength and anger well, so after destroying Amon's weapon, he incites him to run away so as not to die from Ken Kaneki's uncontrollable strength.

Meanwhile, Touka is forced to kill Mado before he can launch a deadly attack on Hinami. So she kills him but goes crazy when she sees that Mado has a wedding ring. After seeing it, she realizes that Mado also had a family and was fighting to defend it and keep the peace. After the fight, the ghouls return.

Formidable new enemies arise

The events continue two months after that atrocious night. Amon visits Mado's gravestone and remembers the days when he was a recruit and was trained by Mado. When he leaves, he sees another person walking toward Mado's gravestone, but he has no idea who it is.

Meanwhile, Hinami, the daughter of the two dead parents, tries to rebuild her life slowly and return to normalcy. Ken Kaneki, meanwhile, visits Itori to learn more about Rize. He does not learn much but is told that he must go to the 11th ward to understand better (the events before told all take place in the 20th ward). On his way back to Anteiku, his wallet is stolen by a random person who, however, smells delicious.

Amon returns to the headquarters and meets Yukinori Shinohara, who has been reassigned and will be part of the task force in the 11th ward.

The scene immediately switches to Jason, who talks to someone and states that he would not let Rize go away from him next time. Then there are four masked characters, whose leader Banjo says that Anteiku would be the ideal place for Rize to go.

Immediately we find another group of new characters. These, however, we cannot tell whether they are good or bad, as they have killed six agents. They are interested in the 20th ward, and the group leader is Ayato Kirishima, Touka's younger brother.

Meanwhile, a group of policemen are attacked by a group of ghouls called the Aogiri Tree. It is not clear where they are attacked or who these ghouls are. We only know one ghoul's name, Tatara, with white hair.

Yoshimura and Yomo arrive at the scene where Ayato's group killed the officers. It seems that those ghouls are also part of the Aogiri Tree. Yomo says that the leader of the Aogiri Tree also possesses only one ghoul eye.

Ken Kaneki forced to be tortured and Kaneki defeats yamori

The kidnapping of Ken Kaneki

Banjo arrives at the Anteiku and asks Kaneki and Touka for information about Rize. He also warns them about the Aogiri Tree. This Aogiri Tree is a mysterious group that showed up in the 11th ward. They hunt and kill all the ghouls in the ward, as do the officers. He warns them to run away because they are approaching the 20th ward. Just then, Ayato and Jason arrive at the Anteiku and kidnap Ken Kaneki.

Meanwhile, there is a big meeting at CCG headquarters. They talk about the ghouls' movements and how they should act. The highlight of this meeting is the appearance of a new character, Juuzou Suzuya, the person who stole Ken Kaneki's wallet.

Yoshimura arrives at Anteiku and learns of Ken Kaneki's abduction. He immediately summons everyone at the Anteiku to discuss how to rescue Ken Kaneki. They discuss how difficult it is to rescue Kaneki from the Aogiri Tree. Just then, an already familiar person arrives at the Anteiku ready to help with the rescue, Tsukiyama.

While preparations for rescuing Kaneki are being made at Anteiku, Kaneki is being tortured by Jason. Officers and police are also ready to invade Jason's hideout.

While the agents are doing the raid, members of the Anteiku sneak in. Amid the chaos, Amon finds Touka, and they decide to fight but are interrupted by two members of the Aogiri Tree, the Bin Brothers. Another fight is taking place: Tsukiyama and Yomo against a strong Aogiri member.

Touka escapes from Amon and the brothers and finds his younger brother Ayato. The confrontation begins.

Amon quickly defeats the brothers and runs upstairs, meeting other agents and ready to capture the One-Eyed Owl (the other one-eyed ghoul).

Meanwhile, Kaneki continues to be tortured by Jason and has no consciousness. Jason claims that Ken Kaneki has unusual regenerative powers. This is because Akihiro Kanou, the doctor who gave Ken Kaneki the transplant, connected Rize's organs with Kaneki. We learn that the surgery was not accidental but was an experiment by the doctor.

When Ken Kaneki is unconscious, he meets Rize. She haunts Kaneki and starts a long philosophical discussion with her. Ken Kaneki realizes that he must become strong to make difficult decisions, accepts Rize's strength completely, and thus accepts the ghoul side in him. This is the only way Ken Kaneki can defend his friends and himself.

After the conversation, Kaneki wakes up, breaks his chains, and begins to fight against Jason. He easily defeats him and tortures him until he eats his kagune.

Thus ends the first season, Tokyo Ghoul.

Ken Kaneki rejected life

Tokyo Ghoul √A?

Why Tokyo Ghoul √A is so hated

The Tokyo Ghoul √A animated series is hated by many Tokyo Ghoul fans who have read the manga. The reason is very simple, it does not respect the manga at all.

In fact, the transition from Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re is not completed by Tokyo Ghoul √A, which should be done. It was also decided that Tokyo Ghoul √A largely non-canonical.

In this article we will avoid talking about Tokyo Ghoul √A and try to better understand what happens between Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re.

Ken Kaneki forms a new group to destroy Aogiri Tree

We had stopped when Ken Kaneki ate Jason's kagune. People from the Anteiku arrived to rescue Kaneki from the Aogiri Tree. But Kaneki saves them, or at least partially. Touka fought with her younger brother Ayato and was easily defeated until Kaneki intervened. He comes to her rescue and breaks Ayato's 103 bones. Meanwhile, Yoshimura reveals himself as the One Eyed Owl ghoul and defeats CCG. So the Anteiku can return to serenity, but Kaneki leaves, leaves Touka and everyone else behind.

After this long and bloody battle, Kaneki creates a group to destroy the Aogiri Tree and uncover the mysteries about Dr Kanou (the doctor who turned Kaneki into a ghoul). The group consists of Banjou, Tsukiyama, Hinami, Sanmte Ichimi, and Jirou (the last three are Banjou's friends). They also receive assistance from Chie Hori, a friend of Tsukiyama. We remind you that the Aogiri Tree is located at 11th ward.

Meanwhile, at Anteiku, we have a new waitress named Roma Hoito, and Touka is studying to enter Kaneki University, Kamii University. She is still sad and does not understand why Kaneki abandoned her (although Kaneki will give him a birthday present, he will disappear again).

What about CCG?

As for CCG, Amon has become First Class Investigator and meets Takizawa, a new investigator who idolizes Amon, and Akira Mado, the daughter of his mentor Kureo Mado. Akira is a very strong fighter, and there is romantic tension between her and Amon.

Kaneki's best friend Hide Nagachika also joined CCG as an assistant. He wanted to join to find his best friend Kaneki.

Kanou's experiments are still ongoing

Kaneki's group discovers that Kanou is still doing ghoul experiments when they meet Kurona and Nashiro, two girls with only one ghoul eye. These think Kanou is their father while being exploited. They try to meet Kanou but run into two recruits from the Aogiri Tree. Naki, who idolizes Jason, and Shachi Kamishiro, a very strong fighter. Shachi will defeat Kaneki. The group then again tries to meet Kanou and they meet him, but Shachi shows up again, defeats Kaneki again, and kidnaps Kanou.

Later Kaneki will have the opportunity to meet Kanou again, to lash out at him for everything he has done to him (the organ transplant). However, Kanou affirms that being a ghoul is not that simple, and life as a ghoul is not perfect. He also reveals that the head of the Aogiri Tree is Yoshimura, the head of the Anteiku and that Rize is still alive. Kanou talks about human evolutions and things like that until Yomo arrives and takes Rize. Kanou enters the Aogiri Tree and escapes.

As the CCG arrives, Kaneki eats a lot of one-eyed ghouls (thus cannibalism) and becomes a kakuja, a very rare species of ghoul, very strong.

The scene is very confusing. We urge you to read the manga to understand it better, but essentially Kaneki is traumatized by his cannibalism, by having ruined friendships (he hurt Banjou), and is emotionally broken.

Prologue to the End, Kaneki returns to Anteiku

Kaneki is still traumatized about all that has happened and about the fact that Yoshimura is the head of the Aogiri Tree. He tries to forget all this and rejoice in his life. Together with Hinami, he meets Sen Takatsuki (his favourite author) and laughs again. Meanwhile, Touka visits Kamii University and meets Hide Nagachika. They talk about Kaneki, and she learns a lot about Kaneki's story before becoming a ghoul. Kaneki's disappearance traumatized both of them. He also tells her that Kaneki always lies when he touches his chin.

CCG meanwhile investigates the Anteiku as it appears to be the lair of the One Eyed Owl. This information was suggested by Sen Takatsuki, the writer.

Kaneki later meets with Yomo and is reunited with Rize, who is insane. Kaneki is devastated but Yomo comforts him. He later advises a visit to Yoshimura, where he will discover all the mysteries about everything that has happened. Yoshimura tells Kaneki his life story and why he became the One Eyed Owl.

Kaneki returns to Anteiku. Kaneki met Touka and she beats him up for disappearing and bringing so much upset to her. Kaneki hopes to return to Anteiku once this whole thing is over, but he does not know that there is still a long way to go...

Final Arc

By now, the CCG is on the verge of invading Anteiku and defeating the ghouls. Yomo takes Touka and Minami out of the 20th ward. Touka is devastated about everything she has lost: friends, Kaneki, the Anteiku, and her college dream. The Anteiku closes with only three members, the oldest: the One Eyed Ghoul, Koma, and Irimi. Their task is to distract the CCG.

Kaneki has a final talk with Nishio Nishiki in which he apologizes for everything. Nishio goes to say goodbye to his girlfriend. Kaneki also says goodbye to Tsukiyama, who desperately tries to eat him not to see him killed by the CCG. He fails, so Kaneki says goodbye to everyone and goes to save the Anteiku.

Kaneki fights the CCG and Yoshimura some special class investigators, along with Suzuya.

Here the fight is divided into two parts: Kaneki fights with Amon in the final battle. Both hope that they never meet as enemies and can become friends. However, they are there to fight. Both are mortally wounded; Amon even loses an arm. At that point, Kaneki, mortally wounded, goes to the sewers and meets Hide Nagachika, his best friend, by chance. He tells him he knew he was a ghoul and tells him to go home. Kaneki, at that point, turns into kakuja and is blind to it. In the next scene, we see Kaneki fully healed and his mouth smelling of human blood.

In the other scene, Yoshimura is defeated by CCG, Suzuya, and Shinohara. But at that point, another One Eyed Owl appears, who turns out to be Sen Takatsuki (or Eto, Yoshimura's abandoned daughter, which we hear about when Yoshimura tells Kaneki about her story). She saves her father and fights against the God of Death, Arima Kishou (the strongest ghoul investigator). She manages to escape.

Finally, Kaneki meets Arima Kishou and is defeated with one blow.

Final Moments

Kaneki dreams of his mother. He cries, tells Kaneki's mother not to work too hard, and then watches himself play. Then he reimagines that terrible night where everything changed, where Rize dies.

The final situation is desperate. Amon and Takizawa have died in battle, Shinohara is in a coma, and Suzuya says goodbye to him, promising to become the investigator and son Shinohara always wanted and would be proud of. Banjou's group leaves the 20th ward with Hinami crying. The Aogiri Tree has captured Yoshimura, and now they are using him to create new "Kaneki Kens." Touka and Yomo visit the now completely burned Anteiku. She knows that one-day Kaneki will return.

Thus ends the part between Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re. It is very chaotic, and the anime fails to explain all the steps well, so we urge you to read the manga to understand this part better. Now we move on to the last season.

Ken Kaneki enters a new life

Tokyo Ghoul: re

Tokyo Ghoul: re is the longest season in the entire franchise. It is composed of 24 episodes, and since explaining it in detail is a long and tedious process (in fact, we strongly recommend reading the manga or watching the anime), we will narrate a summary of the entire season.

Kaneki's new identity

The second season ends with an intense fight and Kaneki's defeat against Arima. The CCG takes Kaneki and three years later from the hard fight Kaneki has lost his memory and has no recollection of anything that has happened up to now.

In fact, in Tokyo Ghoul: re, Kaneki has a new personality and now finds himself working with the CCG. Even his name has changed. He is now called Haise Sasaki. However, her memories have not completely faded or may have resurfaced. When he meets the Serpent (Nishio), he is called Kaneki, and Haise Sasaki goes crazy and begins to remember things he did not know.

Kaneki's new team

Now working in CCG, Haise Sasaki now has a very strong new team, of which he is the leader: the Quinx. The members of the Quinx are Mutsuki, Shirazu, Urie and Saiko. Haise Sasaki's team consists of humans who have incorporated Quinques (the weapons that the CCG used to fight ghouls and were made from their kagunes) into their bodies.

But what happened to Touka and Kaneki's other friends? Now Touka works in a new coffee shop called :re with Yomo. One day Haise Sasaki walks into that coffee shop together with Mutsuki and Shirazu, and they have a cup of coffee. Yomo sits at the table with him but says nothing to him. When Haise Sasaki drinks the coffee, he instantly starts crying, not knowing why. His subconscious still remembers the coffee.

The auction

The auction is a very important event where ghouls of all kinds are brought in and precisely are bought and then fall victim to slavery or cannibalism. The CCG and the Quinx decide to crash this auction to try to capture as many ghouls as possible. The idea is to bring Suzuya as a guy to sell, and once the operation is kicked off, they try to injure all the participants in the auction. So it happens.

After that, Suzuya finds herself fighting Black Rabbit (Ayato, Touka's brother), but Eto decides to bring in a new one-eyed ghoul created by Professor Kanou.

The night is chaotic. It turns out that the old investigator Takizawa has been turned into a ghoul and has to fight with Haise Sasaki. To win, Sasaki needs to be won over by his alter ego, Kaneki. He wins.

However, the operation intended to annihilate Big Madam, an important auction element. So it happens. Kishou Arima finds Hinami (the daughter of the two dead parents, remember?) and wants to kill her, but Haise Sasaki claims possession rights over her, saving her.

The operation is a success, and Sasaki decides to throw a party. At the end of this party, however, he is sent a package containing a ghoul mask, the one used by Kaneki, along with a book by Sen Takatsuki. The next day he will have a vision of the Anteiku and Yoshimura.

The intervention in the Tsukiyama family mansion.

Sasaki takes his group to Uta's store so that Uta can make them masks through which they can infiltrate the ghouls. Shuu Tsukiyama, injured and depressed after the events of the auction, recovers and tries to get as close as possible to Sasaki, knowing that he is Kaneki, but is hindered by the presence of his companions.

Meanwhile, Sasaki becomes increasingly obsessed with Kaneki's identity, even tracing it back to Kotaro Amon's name. Through dialogue with Akira, he discovers that he is the one who killed him.

The CGG decides to attack the Tsukiyama family mansion, but the father saves Shuu by sacrificing himself, and all the faithful decide to protect Shuu.

On the roof of the building, there is finally a confrontation between Sasaki and Shuu, but one of Shuu's loyalists, Kanae, interrupts the fight and charges on him.

The fight between Kaneki and the One-Eyed Owl

The One-Eyed Owl intervenes in the battle between Sasaki and Kanae. He turns out to be Eto, that is, Sen Takatsuki. While being beaten, Kaneki has a vision of himself in the form of a child. From his words, he realizes that Sasaki was only a parenthesis in his life and decides to let himself die so Kaneki can truly live again.

Regaining consciousness, Kaneki unleashes all his power and severely injures both Kanae and Shuu. He then fights with Owl, revealing that he knows she is none other than Yoshimura's daughter.

Kaneki prevails, but she manages to escape.

Kaneki's new intentions

Kaneki regains his memories but decides to live again as Sasaki. He also chooses to face the One-Eyed Owl, the leader of the Aogiri Tree, alone. Six months after the raid on Tsukiyama's mansion, Sasaki captures Takatsuki, who turns out to be Eto. In her last lecture, she reveals that she is the One-Eyed ghoul and the Owl. She then informs Sasaki that the CCG leaders are ghouls working in a secret organization called 'V'.

He arrives at Touka to reunite with her after a long time. However, he knows that to free Hinami and all the ghouls from prison, he must face Arima again.

The fight against Arima is bloody and results in Kaneki getting his white hair back. Kaneki wins but refuses to kill him, so Arima decides to slit his own throat and tell Kaneki that he is now the strongest.

CCG attack against the Aogiri Tree and the Marriage

CCG attacks the island where the Aogiri Tree resides. Takizawa kills the leaders of the Aogiri Tree. They also find Kanou's laboratory, but Kanou commits suicide.

Meanwhile, Arima's team's task is to help Kaneki and the ghouls escape because they know about Arima's half-human DNA. So they fly into the underground together with the remaining members of the Aogiri Tree, and Kaneki establishes the GOAT.

After that, Kaneki goes to Touka's cafeteria, and they sleep together. Kaneki finds out that she is pregnant and decides to marry her.

The end of Tokyo Ghoul

However, they are interrupted by the plan of Furuta, a madman who wants to turn all humans into ghouls. Kaneki Ken decides to resolve the matter and face Furuta in battle. Meanwhile, because of Furuta's operation, Rize has returned to life.

After a long battle, Furuta dies, and Kaneki goes to Rize. He thanks her and kills her.

The story ends, and we see the characters after six years. Kaneki and Touka have a baby girl and live happily.

Tokyo Ghoul is a very complicated anime and you have to follow every possible detail carefully. As much as we have tried to make the summary as short and understandable as possible, many details are missing and some parts of the story may seem complicated and difficult to understand. We strongly recommend watching this series's manga or anime, which is often criticized but can offer a lot.

Ken Kaneki's personality changed drastically

Ken Kaneki Personalities

Pre Aogiri Kaneki

Kaneki is a shy and reserved person. He has only one friend, Hide. He spends most of his time reading books, especially novels. Kaneki's friends become much more after he comes in contact with Anteiku. Beneath his altruistic and kind nature, however, lies a constant fear of being alone, a fear aggravated by the death of his mother. The idea of loneliness terrifies him, and perhaps this is one of his greatest weaknesses.

Post Aogiri Kaneki

After being tortured by Jason (Yamori), Kaneki's personality changes drastically. He discards the idea of being hurt instead of hurting others and has much more confidence in himself and his abilities. In addition, he has a habit of scrounging his fingers, picked up from Yamori himself. He still remains kind to the people he loves

New Identity

In the last season we find Kaneki's new identity, Sasaki. He still remains a kind and good person, but is now very loyal, devoted, and possesses a good work ethic. However, the fact that Kaneki's alter ego is still present, over the course of the season his personality constantly changes and reapproaches that of Kaneki. When he takes over Kaneki and returns to his normal state he still remains loyal and devoted, but this time to different person, like Touka. So we can consider a union of the two characters into a better one with different and positive ideals.

Ken Kaneki Power and Abilities

Kaneki Powers and Abilities


After receiving Rize's organ transplant, Kaneki becomes a half ghoul, then assimilates the powers of a normal ghoul. He therefore has the ability to heal himself very quickly and possess a kagune. Kaneki's kagune is bright red in color.


After becoming a cannibal, Kaneki developed an incomplete kakuja. In this form, Kaneki becomes extremely strong and has a berserker style. Often, however, the kakuja causes Kaneki to lose control, which only in the final stage of the Tokyo Ghoul series can he fully control.

Dragon Form

We find the Dragon Form at the end of the third season, after it consumes the entire Oggai squad a the nucleus embedded in Furuta's body. This transformation is a large-scale transformation where her body expands into a huge mass of flesh, teeth and eyes.

Ken Kaneki Smile

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about Ken Kaneki?

Ken Kaneki is the main character in the Tokyo Ghoul series and is the strongest ghoul of all. He is special because although all adversity he manages to resolve situations and bring peace to the world.

What gender is Ken Kaneki?

Ken Kaneki is heterosexual. He marries Touka and has a daughter with her.

Who is Ken Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul:re?

Ken Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul:re is Haise Sasaki.

What is the power of Kaneki Ken?

Kaneki's power is mind-blowing; he is the strongest ghoul ever. He has different abilities such as Kagune or Kakuja. He even achieves a Dragon Form. Of course being ghoul he also has superhuman strength, superhuman speed and superhuman endurance.

Ken Kaneki Quotes

Here are some of Ken Kaneki's most famous quotes.

  • The pain you feel today will be the strength you’ll have tomorrow.
  • Never trust anyone too much. Remember, the devil was once an angel.
  • I have to learn by experiencing things myself... that’s all I can do.

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