When Does Goku Return to Earth in DBZ?

By Matteo Drelli. Updated Aug 23, 2023

Goku smiling

Hey, Dragon Ball Z fans! You've seen the incredible battles, the explosive energy, and the unforgettable moments. But there's one question that haunts every DBZ fan's mind: "When does Goku return to Earth in DBZ?" Get ready for a journey through time, as we unveil Goku's thrilling homecomings!

Goku's Epic Returns: The Earth-Bound Chronicles

Return 1: After the Battle with Frieza

  • Saga: Frieza Saga
  • Episode: "The Death of Goku"
  • When: Goku survives the destruction of Planet Namek and returns to Earth in a Ginyu Force spaceship. A true cliffhanger!

Return 2: After Training in Outer Space

  • Saga: Trunks Saga
  • Episode: "The Mysterious Youth"
  • When: Goku returns after training in outer space. The Z Fighters and fans alike welcomed him with open arms!

Return 3: After the Other World Tournament

  • Saga: Great Saiyaman Saga
  • Episode: "I am Saiyaman"
  • When: Goku returns to Earth from Other World for 24 hours. It's a short but sweet reunion!

Return 4: After the Battle with Majin Buu

  • Saga: Kid Buu Saga
  • Episode: "He's Always Late"
  • When: Goku's triumphant return after defeating Majin Buu. Earth was saved, and Goku was back!

Why Goku's Returns Matter

Goku's returns to Earth aren't just about reunions. They symbolize hope, victory, and the unbreakable bond with his friends and family. Here's why these moments are key:

  • Emotional Connection: Goku's returns always bring tears, joy, and goosebumps. These moments unite fans around the world.
  • Story Progression: Every return marks a new chapter, a fresh start, and lays the foundation for what's next in the thrilling DBZ saga.
  • Fan Engagement: Goku's returns keep fans hooked, making them anticipate what's coming next.


"When does Goku return to Earth in DBZ?" isn't just a question; it's an exploration of some of the most dramatic, emotional, and triumphant moments in the series.

Whether it's after a furious battle or a cosmic training, Goku's returns are the heartbeats of Dragon Ball Z. So next time you feel the urge to relive these exciting returns, remember: Goku's journey back to Earth is not just a trip – it's a thrilling ride packed with emotion and adventure!

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