Why Does Andrew Tate Say Breathe Air?

By Matteo Drelli. Updated Aug 24, 2023

Andrew Tate smoking cigar

Did you know that 7 million people die from tobacco use every year? Emory Andrew Tate III, a businessman, social media personality, and self-help guru, has a direct and potent message against this threat: "Breathe Air." Here's why he says it:


The phrase "Breathe Air" by Andrew Tate is more than just a catchy slogan; it's a life-saving mantra! Behind these two simple words lies a strong condemnation of smoking, especially electronic cigarettes. Why? Let's dive in.

What Does "Breathe Air" Mean?

"Breathe Air" is a clear and succinct message:

  • Nature's Intention: It reminds us to breathe what nature intended, pure and fresh air, not the toxic fumes from cigarettes.
  • Anti-Smoking Advocacy: The statement is a direct call to action to stop smoking, particularly electronic cigarettes, which have been falsely promoted as a safer alternative.

Andrew Tate's Stand on Smoking

  • Against Electronic Cigarettes: Tate's stance on smoking doesn't stop at traditional tobacco. He's equally vocal about the dangers of electronic cigarettes.
  • Life Over Addiction: He believes that embracing clean air is about choosing a healthy lifestyle over addiction.

The Risks of Electronic Cigarettes

  • Not a Safe Alternative: Many believe that e-cigarettes are a safe alternative to tobacco. Andrew Tate highlights that this is a misconception.
  • Health Concerns: From lung damage to heart issues, e-cigarettes are associated with serious health risks.


Andrew Tate's "Breathe Air" message is a powerful reminder to all of us to make conscious choices about our health and well-being. Whether it's avoiding traditional cigarettes or steering clear of the trendy electronic versions, the mantra is clear: choose life, choose health, and just "Breathe Air."